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Ohio AG DeWine washes hands of responsibility to address ‘double tapping’ cops


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine evidently doesn't care that police who are ignorant or contemptuous of the law pose a well-documented danger to open carriers.

The office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has responded to Gun Rights Examiner’s concerns that police comments about “double tapping” open carriers show a dangerous disregard for state law, and unsurprisingly, has decided to do nothing about it other than have a proxy deny responsibility and punt the ball to state representatives.

“Dear David,” the presumptuous salutation to a mere citizen in a response letter (conversely signed “Very respectfully yours”) by Constituent Liaison S. Morgen begins.

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Delta Is Ready When You Are

Via Bernhard

“When the 1992 presidential primaries moved South, the media was full of references to “the Bubba vote.” Yet, when the primaries were in the East, nobody referred to the “Loud-Talking Yankee vote.”
When they went to the Midwest, there was no mention of “the Frozen Fools vote.”  When it was time for the California primary, there was nothing said about “the Nut and Fruit vote.”  

Just the South. And I’m always a “Southern columnist,” or “Southern humorist,” or “that redneck from Atlanta.”

Ever hear of Mike Royko being referred to as a “mid-western columnist”?  Or Dave Barry, of The Miami Herald, a “Cuban columnist”?

If you’re Southern, it’s always going to be mentioned. “Why don’t you people forget the Civil War?”

I’ve heard so often from Northerners. Well, why don’t y’all leave us the hell alone and stop thinking of the South as an odd appendage? How about stopping with the stereotyping already?  The “Bubba vote,” indeed.

I had a man write me a letter years ago . . . He had been called “Bubba” by family and friends for thirty-five years. He came from a small Georgia town and had gone to work with a large national firm in Atlanta. His boss . . . had been transplanted from New York [and said he] could no longer use the name “Bubba.’  “He said it sounded too “Southern and ignorant.”

[I] was incensed that the son of a bitch from New York City would say “too Southern and ignorant.”

What if the man had been named “Booker T.”?  would that have been too “black and ignorant”? What if he had been named “Dances with Fat girls”?  “Too Indian and insensitive to persons of size?”

So I told the Bubba who wrote the letter to tell the jerk who wanted him to drop his name to kiss his ass and see if he could find a job with a firm that wasn’t being run by a lot of Yankees who looked down on Southerners and had their heads in their asses (cranial rectitus).

Another wrote, “I was transferred to Atlanta from New York six years ago. Every time I return to Atlanta on an airplane, I expect the stewardesses to say, “Welcome to Atlanta.  Set your watch back two decades.” A woman wrote, “You Bubbas are all alike. All you can think about is football, beer swilling, and hillbilly music.”

My response to the first writer was, “Oh yeah? Every time I fly into New York, I expect the stewardess to say, “Welcome to New York. Get off the plane at your own risk.” To the other, I responded, “Read this: Delta is ready when you are.”
“Too Southern and ignorant . . .“  It makes my blood boil.”

(I Havent Understood Anything Since 1962, And Other Nekkid Truths, Lewis Grizzard, Villard Books, 1992, pp. 146-147)

REMEMBER THE ALAMO: Militias Summoned To Texas Border Crisis

Via Charlie

As pressure mounts for the federal government to do something to secure the border, militias are being summoned to protect the Texas border. See below from Breitbart:
The alert to the civilian militia groups, which includes many groups who showed up at the Clive Bundy ranch in Nevada, calls on all able bodied militia members to converge on the Laredo sector of the Texas/Mexico border. A man who identified himself on a national conference call as “Ruthless” said their objective it to “put up a man-fence” to prevent the illegal aliens from crossing the border in their area of control.
Following is the text of the actual alert which was published on and several other locations:
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Sheriff Joe closing in on Obama forger

 Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Arizona’s controversial Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has raised nearly $4.5 million to finance a planned 2016 election campaign – but it’s not for the governorship, as some have speculated.

In an exclusive telephone interview with WND on June 20, Arpaio explained being re-elected as sheriff is just too important, especially with the illegal immigration crisis and certain, “sensitive investigations” still in play.

“I would have had to resign the day I announced I was going to run for governor,” he said. “But I’m not about to abandon my troops. We have a number of highly sensitive investigations ongoing and we have a brand new headquarters building. I still have the Justice Department after me. So, I’m not giving this job up to someone else. I’m sticking around.”

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$PLC Releases Annual List of Worst ‘Haters’

Via Nancy


They ought to be #1. :)


• Senator Rand Paul, Sheriff Richard Mack, AMERICAN FREE PRESS, Jack McLamb accused of ‘extremism’

By Chuck Baldwin

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is at it again. In their typical obsessive hate-filled paranoia, the SPLC has issued another baseless character assassination piece against anyone whom they consider to be right-wing. They call their hit piece, “The Year in Hate and Extremism.” Of course, only “right-wing” leaders are so characterized. According to the SPLC, left-wing leaders are always the voices of reason and goodness. Barf!

The SPLC article lists several conservative leaders as examples of “hate and extremism.” They include Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Representative Trey Radel (R-Fla.), former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, Matt Barber of the Liberty Counsel and’s Tony Adkins. “Even further to the right,” according to the SPLC, are Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, Judicial Watch’s Larry Klayman, and, yes, yours truly.

Peaceful Islam
A father holds up the body of his daughter, beheaded by Obama-backed ISIS jihadist rebels
The sharia court of ISIS issued a Fatwa proclaiming Al-Qamishli and its rural area as the rightful property of ISIS. The ISIS statement proclaims that after seeking God, jihadists should do the following:

1.  Burn and bring down all houses of entertainment in Al-Qamishli.

2. Burn all stores selling alcohol and cigarettes.

3. Take full control of the famed "Jewelry market" of Al-Qamishli, and all silver and gold in the market is to be taken by the ISIS fighters because it is rightfully theirs.

4. Take full control of all food and clothing stores in order to give it to their brother jihadist fighters.

5.  Empty the city of all Christians: Take their women; they are yours, and behead the Christian men. Empty the city of all Kurds, who are the grandchildren of deceivers; take out from the city the family of al Khaznawi and kill them all.  (Sheikh Khaznawi was a Kurdish cleric in Qamishli who was assassinated in June 2005.)  With the statement ISIS issued to its fighting units a map of Al-Hasaka, Al-Qamishli and other suburbs, where the above five tasks are to be carried out “according to the command of Allah.”

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"If children fled violence on their own, there would be no teenagers in Chicago."

White House officials have insisted that violence and poverty in the migrants' home countries is the only reason for the border crisis.
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From Short Limited War to Major Conflagration

After the defeat and occupation of France in 1940, Britain and its allies would not consider German peace offers and forced Adolf Hitler to choose between “victory or destruction.” The pertinent question of the necessity of World War II is deeply mined in Patrick J. Buchanan’s provocative “Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War.”  Bernhard Thuersam

From Short Limited War to Major Conflagration

“The real story of any great event is apt to be very different to what appears at the time. That is especially the case in war.  The fate of millions of people turns on decisions that are taken by one man – who may be influenced by the most curious of motives in reaching a decision that changes the whole course of history.  The way he makes up his mind is known only by a few men who behind the scenes, who usually have good reason for keeping it quiet. The truth sometimes leaks out later; sometimes never.

The escape of the British Army from France has often been called the “miracle of Dunkirk.”  For the German armoured forces had reached the Channel behind the back of the British Army while this was still deep in Flanders.  Those who got away have often wondered how they managed to do so.

The answer is that Hitler’s intervention saved them – when nothing else could have. A sudden order from him over the telephone stopped the armoured forces just as they were in sight of Dunkirk, and held them back until the retreating British had reached the port and slipped out of their clutches.

But although the British Army thus escaped from the trap in France, it was in no state to defend England. It had left most of its weapons behind, and the stores at home were almost empty. Yet the invasion never came. 

At the time we believed that the repulse of the Luftwaffe in the “Battle over Britain” had saved her.  That is only part of the explanation.  The original cause, which goes deeper, is that Hitler did not want to conquer England. He took little interest in the invasion preparations, did nothing to spur them on, and cancelled them at the first plausible excuse.  

After the conquest of Poland, and the division of the spoils with Russia, Hitler made a bid for peace with the Western Powers. When he was rebuffed he began to feel afraid of what he had started – and of his temporary partner.  He expressed the view that a long-drawn-out war of attrition with Britain and France would gradually exhaust Germany’s limited resources, and expose her to fatal attack from behind by Russia. 

[Hitler] summoned a conference in Berlin, on November 23 [1940] . . . “By no treaty or pact can Russia’s lasting neutrality be ensured,” he told his generals. His fear urged him to force peace on France by an offensive in the West.  He hoped that if the French were defeated, the British would see reason and come to terms. He reckoned that time was working against him on every count . . . [and] even Hitler did not display much assurance of success at this time. 

A copy of this address was found in the archives of the Supreme Command after Germany’s collapse, and produced at Nuremburg.  But there was no mention of the opposition that Hitler had met [from his generals] in the discussion . . .”

(The German Generals Talk, Startling Revelations from Hitler’s High Command, B.H. Liddell Hart, Quill, 1975 (original 1948), pp. 105-110)

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle LS6 454/450 HP, 4-Speed

- 1970 Chevelle Super Sport RPO LS6
- 454/450 HP V-8 engine
- M22 heavy duty 4-speed transmission
- Original CRV 12 bolt 3.31 Positraction rear axle
- Power steering and power disc brakes
- Tinted glass
- GM floor mats
- Instrument panel gauges
- AM/FM radio
- Rear seat speaker
- T3 headlights
- Code 14 Cortez Silver, Black vinyl top, Black bench seat
- Correct SS wheels with polyglas tires
- Correct spare and jack assembly
- Frame-off restoration
- Two owner southern car
- Car and trim tag certified authentic by a well known Camaro expert
- 1 of 4,475 LS6 Chevelles produced

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The Big Kahuna's Beach Party

The Union Saved, the Republic Lost 

With the South out of Congress since 1861 and no Southern leadership to provide a conservative and responsible voice in US government, the predictable occurred.  As a soldier Grant was a butcher who sent wave after wave of new recruits to wear down the thin Southern brigades; as a politician, Orville H. Browning of Illinois described Grant as “weak, vain, ignorant, mercenary, selfish and malignant”; that he was surrounded by corrupt and unprincipled men and that his reelection would be a great calamity to the country.”
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

The Union Saved, the Republic Lost

“The eight years of Grant’s administration rocked with one scandal after another. Citizens defrauded the government in the acquisition of land and in claims for [Northern veteran] pensions; contractors supplying the army and navy were often venal; and unscrupulous lawyers levied toll on ignorant and defenseless Indians. 

Members of Congress were bribed and disgraced. Cabinet officers were investigated and impeached. Subordinate officials and employees were revealed in outright betrayal of public trust.  Never had the Republic sunk to so low an estate of official morality.

During the 1870s there was both incompetence and dishonesty in the large customhouses; discipline and integrity among the navy-yard labor forces were at a low ebb; the Indian service had been roundly condemned by [James] Garfield; land agents connived at irregularities, and surveyors made fraudulent claims for work not performed.

The tone of the eight years of Grant’s administration was . . . set by a small number of weak and unreliable persons holding seats in Congress and in high executive office. It was during these years that the most resounding scandals occurred, not only in Washington but in many States and cities.  When the mighty wandered far from the paths of rectitude, it was not surprising that some of the lesser ranks followed their example. 

To a few of the scandals we turn . . . The Credit Mobilier . . . originally organized to finance railroad construction, [it] fell into the control of a group of adventurers, including a member of Congress, Oakes Ames.  The corporation was awarded a lucrative but fraudulent contract for the . . . [Union Pacific Railroad and disgraced Grant’s] Vice Presidents Colfax and Wilson.

Laxness or corruption in the award of Indian trading posts had been suspected for some time under General [William] Belknap’s administration of the War Department. [Secretary of the Navy George M. Robeson levied] percentages on . . . contractors’ engagements with the navy, [and] Robeson grew rich.  [Secretary of the Treasury John D. Sanborn, a protégé of Benjamin Butler, siphoned money destined for the Internal Revenue Service].

The most dramatic and perhaps the most damaging evidence of corruption during the Grant administration involved the evasion of internal revenue taxes on distilleries. Fraud had long been  suspected [and persons involved] included General John A. McDonald, collector of internal revenue in St. Louis . . . other collectors, the chief clerk of the internal revenue division of the Treasury Department in Washington [and] General Orville Babcock, President Grant’s private secretary, who was subsequently indicted but who escaped conviction.”

(The Republican Era, 1869-1901, A Study in Administrative History, Leonard D. White, Macmillan Company, 1958, excerpts pp. 366-373)

Data Expert Explains Why Lerner’s Obama IRS Emails are NOT LOST


Vice President of Operations of Carbonite, the popular online computer backup company, Jim Flynne spoke to TPNN’s Tim Constantine on the “Capitol Hill Show” on Thursday, explaining from a technological point of view, the Obama IRS’s claim that they “lost” Lois Lerner’s emails is not believable.

Flynne explains that Lerner’s supposed “crash” of her hard drive, which the Obama IRS now claims to have “recycled,” doesn’t really matter because:

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Brandon Garabrant , Marine barred from wearing uniform to graduation is killed by bomb in Afghanistan

Via LH

Community backing: Residents in Peterborough had supported Garabrant's request to wear his uniform. They are united again as they mourn his passing

A New Hampshire Marine who was barred from wearing his uniform for his high school graduation last June has been killed by a roadside bomb. 

Lance Corporal Brandon Garabrant, who signed up for the forces immediately after finishing his studies, was one of three U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan on Friday morning. 

The community where the 19-year-old grew up were saddened by his death, and a flag was at half mast outside the fire station he volunteered at. 

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NC: Sea creatures not the only animals to be found along area beaches

  Beach Bob cat

What appeared to be a big dog swimming in Browns Inlet proved to be a big cat.

Cedar Point resident Mike Maroules is no stranger to the area’s waterways, but he was surprised while out on his boat last week to find a bobcat paddling toward a swath of beach in Browns Inlet.

“I thought it was a big dog. I was going to go rescue it in case it was tired from swimming, but when I got close enough I could see it wasn’t a dog,” said Maroules, who snapped photographs of the bobcat during his June 13 outing.

“He was a big cat. He looked full grown,” Maroules added.

Not only was it unusual to see the nocturnal bobcat during the day, Maroules said he’s never seen one in the inlet before.

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Gasps Greet IRS Head's Revelation Lerner's Computer Was Destroyed

Loud gasps could be heard when IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told the House Ways and Means Committee Friday that former supervisor Lois Lerner's computer was destroyed after computer experts could not retrieve its contents.

The reactions came during a tense session in which Koskinen was sharply questioned by House Republicans about the latest revelations in the long-running saga of the agency's targeting of conservative, tea party, and religious groups.

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“I still think the slaves should get their 40 acres and a mule,”

Via Billy

LeeRoy Carter, a black preacher who’s working to get out the vote among black Democrats for Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) for the GOP primary runoff, told Breitbart News on Thursday. “I still think it, honest to God I do. Because we haven’t gotten it.”

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Doomsday prepper father accused of plotting to kill federal agents and stockpiling guns and explosives for the 'end of days' ... only for FBI to raid his home and find only food and five legal firearms in safe

Via avordvet

 False alarm? Agents went to the Valrico property of Martin Winters looking for as many as 50 high-powered AR-15 rifles and several explosive devices, but found only buried barrels of food
  • Martin Winters, 55, of Valrico, Florida, had been under government surveillance since October
  • He was charged with building destructive devices
  • Winters ran from authorities on Monday when they presented him with a search warrant
  • Investigators believed he had over 50 assault rifles and several explosives buried on his property
  • They found barrels of food
  • Winters surrendered on Wednesday and was arrested
  • His daughters have defended their father, saying he is not dangerous
  • They claim he was preparing for an emergency lockdown-type situation
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Dinesh D'Souza Mysteriously Absent From New York Times Bestseller List - Should Be Ranked #8/9


I'm sure it's just a clerical mistake..........on second thought maybe it's because he's a white male.........I mean if Zimmerman was one, surely D’Souza must be also.

Dinesh D’Souza’s new book, America: Imagine a World Without Her, has been in bookstores for three weeks but is mysteriously missing from the New York Times Hardcover Nonfiction Bestseller List. Sales show that America should be ranked higher than 13 of the 25 books on this week's list, yet it is nowhere to be found.

The Washington Examiner explains:

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Putin orders forces in the Urals on combat alert

 Picture via u_96

 Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday ordered military forces in central Russia on combat alert as well as a drill of airborne troops, a day after Ukraine ordered a cease-fire with pro-Russian rebels.

NATO said earlier this week that Russia has resumed a military build-up on the border with Ukraine where pro-Russian separatists have been fighting government forces for weeks in a conflict that has left about 300 people dead and displaced over 34,000.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ordered his forces to cease fire Friday and halt military operations for a week, the first step in a peace plan he hopes will end the fighting that has killed hundreds. The Kremlin dismissed the plan, saying it sounded like an ultimatum and lacked any firm offer to open talks with insurgents.

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Congressman introduces 'The Dog Ate My Tax Return Act'

A statement released from the office of Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, says what’s good for the government should be good for taxpayers.

So there might come a time in the future when a letter starting out, “Dear IRS, The dog ate my tax receipts,” would be a perfectly acceptable response to a government inquiry about those “health cost” deductions for a hot tub and the trips to the Bahamas.

The word came from Stockman’s office on Friday after a contentious hearing in Congress where the chief of the IRS said there was no apology due for the agency’s loss of months worth of emails involving IRS agents and managers suspected of creating and managing a program for the persecution of conservative groups.

“Taxpayers who do not produce documents for the Internal Revenue Service will be able to offer a variety of dubious excuses under legislation introduced by Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) a week after the IRS offered an incredibly dubious excuse for its failure to turn documents over to House investigators,” the announcement said.

“The United States was founded on the belief government is subservient and accountable to the people. Taxpayers shouldn’t be expected to follow laws the Obama administration refuses to follow themselves,” said Stockman. “Taxpayers should be allowed to offer the same flimsy, obviously made-up excuses the Obama administration uses.”

The announcement said under the plan, called “The Dog Ate My Tax Return Act,” “taxpayers who do not provide documents requested by the IRS can claim one of the following reasons:”

Those include:
  1. The dog ate my tax receipts
  2. Convenient, unexplained, miscellaneous computer malfunction
  3. Traded documents for five terrorists
  4. Burned for warmth while lost in the Yukon
  5. Left on table in Hillary’s Book Room
  6. Received water damage in the trunk of Ted Kennedy’s car
  7. Forgot in gun case sold to Mexican drug lords
  8. Forced to recycle by municipal Green Czar
  9. Was short on toilet paper while camping
  10. At this point, what difference does it make?
His office confirmed to WND the resolution is being introduced.

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Bill targets Operation Choke Point

Kentucky U.S. Sen. Rand Paul has filed an amendment aimed at protecting Second Amendment rights by preventing two federal agencies from pulling an “end-around” on gun and ammunition manufacturers and sellers.

Paul is seeking to amend the Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for the 2015 budget to prevent any funds given to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or Department of Justice (DOJ) from targeting gun and ammunition companies.

In Paul’s amendment, filed Thursday evening, the FDIC will not be allowed “to classify the sale or manufacture of a firearm or ammunition as an activity involving risk.”

The amendment, the text of which was obtained by The Daily Caller, also bars the DOJ from discouraging “the provision or continuation of credit or the processing of payments by any financial institution to a manufacturer, dealer, or importer of firearms or ammunition, based on the fact that the business is a manufacturer, dealer or importer of firearms or ammunition.”


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