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White, “Christian” and Treasonous: Who Will They Kill?


 I assume the simple answer would be: Traitors to the Republic and they are many.


The battle over gun control has exposed a truth the mainstream media is apparently too shy to mention: A bunch of far right white mostly southern paranoid extremists are preparing for armed revolution and apocalypse. They speak treason: literally.

They are preparing to “defend” America from America with arsenals of weapons and stockpiles of ammunition. Their “enemy” is everyone in America not like them.

They think the world is ending and/or that the government is out to get them. That doesn’t mean it will happen. But expect violence and assassinations. Their ideology is made up of equal parts racism, evangelical Christian fascination with the “end times,” hatred of president Obama, resentment of the “Old South” variety and a Fox News/Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh version of world “history.” As the New Yorker noted:
“Every demographic and political trend that helped to reëlect Barack Obama runs counter to the [South’s] self-definition:…The Solid South speaks less and less for America and more and more for itself alone… Solidity has always been the South’s strength, and its weakness. The same Southern lock that once held the Democratic Party now divides the Republican Party from the socially liberal, fiscally moderate tendencies of the rest of America… The South’s vices—‘violence, intolerance, aversion and suspicion toward new ideas’—grow particularly acute during periods when it is marginalized and left behind. An estrangement between the South and the rest of the country would bring out the worst in both—dangerous insularity in the first, smug self-deception in the second.”
The Republican/white/southern extremists make *reasonable gun control impossible.

*Gun control?  The only reasonable gun control is hitting your intended target, dorkhead. 

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He was nobody to the rest of the world, but to me he was everything

Just wonderful.


Reposted on the occasion of my father's 97th birthday.  Happy Birthday Daddy!

What's In Your Car?

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Why Young Women Want AR-15s

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Sorry, President Obama. As young women, we prefer an AR-15 “assault” rifle with a 30-round magazine for self-defense.

In fact, we wouldn’t want to be stuck at home without one. In the wake of mass murders like Sandy Hook and the horrific rapes and murders of thousands of women each year, pepper spray, mace, or five-round handheld pistols aren’t going to cut it.

So what’s a girl to do? When choosing our tool for home defense, we want the best — in accuracy, handling, and aesthetics. The best choice by all three criteria is — hands down — the AR-15.

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For both models:
Designed for use with an adjustable style buffer tube (military or commercial)

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Easy install using only a flathead screwdriver. Includes Rifle Stock (SSAR-15 or SSAK-47), Interface Block, hex key, manual and BATFE approval letter.


Petition? Well, no.:)

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NC: Your Second Amendment Freedom Rally!

Federal gun control is looming; now is the time to unite…

It is time to act!  US Senators and Representatives are preparing to flood Congress with proposals designed to attack your Second Amendment rights. In North Carolina, responsible gun owners will unite to show our politicians that our rights are not to be compromised!  Let your voice be heard by joining the Second Amendment Freedom Rally on February 5th, 2013, at the North Carolina General Assembly. Show our elected officials that we mean business!
What: Second Amendment Freedom Rally!
  • SPEAKERS: This event will feature several pro-Second Amendment legislators and guest speakers who will stand up for your rights as a gun owner.
  • EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS: With several news organizations sure to cover the event, GRNC plans to hold a press conference where several new and exciting announcements will be made, all of which will have a direct impact on expanding your rights as a gun owner.
When: February 5th, 2013 at 12 noon
  • This rally is scheduled to be held exactly when our legislators are at work and they will have no choice but to notice. Yes, you may need to make special arrangements to be there, but we can only make a difference if you attend!
  • Make time to be there and make time to make a difference!
Where: Raleigh, NC
  • The rally will be held at the Halifax Mall between the Legislative Building and the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh. The General Assembly is at 16 West Jones Street, Raleigh, NC 27601. Parking and other details will be released soon.
Why: Your Second Amendment rights are under attack!
  • You helped put these legislators into office, and now it’s time they hear your voice.
  • Some state politicians have already said they plan to offer gun and magazine bans similar to those being debated at a federal level.
  • We must remain united and show them that we will not compromise on our rights!
  • Send a message to
  • Use the subject “_____people will attend,” indicating how many, including yourself, you will bring. If you responded to the earlier announcement, you will need to respond again. This email address is not for information; do not put anything into the body of the message.
Make time to contact your Representatives!

If at all possible, plan to arrive early so we can help you contact your own Representatives from your District! GRNC staff will be on hand to help you find your NC Representatives, or you can find them by going to:

 It’s important for your Representatives to hear from their constituents to remind them why they were elected. Never forget that they work for you!


Gun Rights Groups Cheer NRA’s Obama Pushback


Gun rights groups are cheering the National Rifle Association for pushing back against President Barack Obama's negative connotation of the word "absolutism" in his inaugural address.

NRA chief Wayne LaPierre went on the attack Tuesday before a crowd of supporters, accusing Obama of trying to take away citizens' constitutional right to own and bear firearms.

"Absolutes do exist, words do have specific meaning in language and in law," LaPierre told members of the Weatherby Foundation, a hunting and wildlife conservation non-profit.

According to Chris Knox, communications director for the Firearms Coalition, LaPierre delivered the right message in the right way.

"There are absolutes and I have no problem with absolutism," Knox told Newsmax. "As soon as you start shading the Second Amendment, you start shading all of them."

Knox was particularly pleased with LaPierre's tough talk, especially since the coalition has been less than happy at times with the NRA's positions.

As an example, Knox pointed to the NRA's endorsement of a 1984 ban on armor-piercing "cop-killer" bullets.

"In the current fight, I'm very proud of the NRA," he said. "They're saying the right things and in an effective way."

More @ Newsmax

Todd Welch, Wisconsin State Coordinator of Campaign for Liberty, Denied Republican Party Membership


Here is a copy of the letter on Facebook.

FreedomWorks has the story.
The purge of truly limited-government activists from the Republican Party has reached new lows, as one of Wisconsin’s top activists found out.
Todd Welch, Chairman of the Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty and constitutional activist, has been “declined” membership in the Republican Party of Dunn County in Wisconsin and his dues check returned. His crime? Holding the Party accountable to its rhetoric and promises.
Here is the contact information for the Dunn County GOP. Perhaps you would like to let them know what you think of their Politburo like purges.

Republican Party of Dunn County
P.O. Box 311
Menomonie, WI 54751

Current Office (during election period)
815 6th Ave E.
Menomonie, WI
Chairman –

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Another Land Grab by Big Brother (NC GS 105-277)


Like the multi-headed Hydra of Greek Mythology, at every turn a different agency pops up with regulations and ruses to steal private property from its rightful owners.

The first plank in Marx’s Communist Manifesto is the abolition of private land ownership.  The ultimate goal of those who promote worldwide collectivism here in our country is to eliminate all private property rights using eminent domain abuse, forced annexation, punitive taxation, and condemnation.

If, however, outright confiscation of your land is not immediately practical, other tactics are employed to limit your ability to use and enjoy your land for any worthwhile purpose.  This can be accomplished by arbitrary land use restrictions, overly restrictive building permits, oppressive zoning laws, and unconstitutional search and seizure to execute laws that are fabricated or otherwise unenforceable . . . I call this “Theft by Regulation”.

GS 105-277 uses the classic “carrot and stick” subterfuge to give control of private farm land to the government using the “present-use-value” system of property tax discounts.  To receive the approximately 65% deferment in property taxes, the law requires farmers who have at least 20 acres of forestland to enroll in a “Sound Management Program for Forestland” that allows the state to restrict private farm and forest land use based on the agenda of environmental extremists. While the initial regulations often seem innocuous, once enrolled, the farmer is trapped by severe monetary penalties into compliance with increasingly onerous regulations.   For example, it has been reported that one Orange County (NC) farmer was required by water quality rules to build a fence around his own pond to prevent his cows from drinking the water.  Because they operate on such narrow profit margins, farmers growing food are especially susceptible to pressure in order to maintain their tax deferred status.

More @ Dr. Dan's

Panetta to Lift Ban on Women in Combat

Hell, let them do all the killing for the empire and leave us alone.

Senior defense officials say Pentagon chief Leon Panetta will remove the military's ban on women serving in combat, opening hundreds of thousands of front-line positions and potentially elite commando jobs after more than a decade at war.

The groundbreaking move recommended by the Joint Chiefs of Staff overturns a 1994 rule prohibiting women from being assigned to smaller ground combat units. Panetta's decision gives the military services until January 2016 to seek special exceptions if they believe any positions must remain closed to women.

More @ Newsmax

Catholics must not disarm themselves and be ready when progressive Priest tell them too


I found Pontifex Maximus over at Western Rifle Shooters. I followed it to its original source the new betrayal by Father Federico Lombardi.  In this new betrayal by the Progressivist Church of liberty-loving Catholics Father Lombardi says;

The initiatives announced by the United States government in view of limiting and controlling the diffusion and use of arms are certainly a step in the right direction. It is estimated that Americans today possess about 300 million firearms. No one can be under the illusion that limiting their number and use would be enough to impede horrendous massacres in the future, such as the one in Newtown, which shook the conscience of Americans and of the world, of children and adults alike.  

But it would be much worse if we were to satisfy ourselves with only words. And if the massacres are carried out by people with mental illness or distorted by hate, there is no doubt that they are carried out with arms. Forty-seven religious leaders of various confessions and religions have issued a call to American politicians to limit firearms, which “are making society pay an unacceptable price in terms of massacres and senseless deaths”. I’m with them. 

NC: Catawba County Sheriff Cory Reid: “I would refuse to enforce any law that violates the Constitution of the United States”

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A mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. where 20 children were killed in December spurred a national debate on tighter gun control measures.

This week, President Barack Obama proposed bans on new military-style assault weapons and large-capacity magazines. Responses to his and Vice President Joe Biden’s proposals were swift, from politicians to the National Rifle Association to individuals.

Gun advocates have seen Obama as an enemy despite his expression of support for the interpretation of the Second Amendment as a personal right to have guns. So his call for new measures — including background checks for all gun buyers and Senate confirmation of a director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — triggered new vows of defiance.

Some lawmakers and sheriffs across the country even say they won’t enforce laws that conflict with the US Constitution.

Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid said he has received numerous e-mails and phone calls asking if he will enforce a law that violates the Constitution. Reid said he’s sworn to uphold the Constitution.

 More @ HDR

Rand Paul Grills Hillary Clinton on Libya: I Would Have Relieved You Of Your Post

‘Anonymous’ Responds To Obama’s 2013 Gun Control Policy

Where do these rumors come from?:)

I would say it is Brock Townsend or his wife that wrote this.
So are they fishing?
I guess he has throat cancer but it does not keep him from typing.

Nope, I don't use initials, only my name and I assure you my wife didn't write it. I had cancer of the vocal cord in 1974 while in Vietnam. It was treated, came back in' 95, voice box removed and I am still clear at this time
But I find it funny that the guy who runs that website has a wife who is deeply involved with martial arts and is working with foreigners who teach martial arts. And the guy Brock who most likely wrote that using the alias LT which is his wife's initials has two Vietnamese / american daughters. And they are influenced by foreigners in everything they do but they call themselves real Americans. Both are heavy in the blogging for tea party, revolution, deep south, militias, and so on.

I have 5 Vietnamese/Americans daughters and none of them blog as far as I know.
And I see Brock Townsend was the first to comment. Pretty easy when he wrote it and posted it using the ghost LT. And then you have Pastor Terry chiming in. Would that be Terry Jones? And he fishes all the time. I guess Scooter Libby and the Hudson Institute must of came up with a new trolling tournament to do. You after they did the video that was posted just before 9/11 and sent to talk shows in Egypt where they made a big uproar over it and then protest started outside all the Embassies. You at the same time Al Qaeda did a attack at Benghazi under the cover of the rest of the protest. It is almost as if these guys like provoking things to happen? And then use deniable plausibility to hide

Once again I didn't write it as the real LT revealed.
I dont see any connection to Brock other than he resides in the same state and is involved in the same site and others that are similar to it and organizations in and out of state that other contributors to NC Renegade are involved in. Are you seeing some other proof that he is actually the person in the article that Im not?

First, let's put the "LT is a ghost name for Brock" crap to bed - I took the ASVAB twice, getting a combined score of 97 in 1987 and a 99 when I retook it in 1999 to rejoin; my raw GT score is a 131. I don't mean to disrepsect Brock, but he couldn't touch those numbers.

No disrespect taken, Sir and I have no idea what the ASVAB is, but I did score 136 when I took the GT back in the dark ages.

World's largest Remington 1859

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Active Shooter on Moody Air Force Base

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Valdosta, GA - Georgia State Patrol cars are parked outside of MAFB on Bemiss Rd. Cars are at a dead stop trying to get on base. All cars are at a dead stop.

Valdosta, GA - An official at Moody Air Force Base confirmed that there is a situation involving an active shooter on the Base. Moody is currently on lockdown. The incident began around 1pm.

Moody Air Force Base officials report that no shots have been fired at this time and there have been no injuries.

WCTV will bring you more information on this developing story as it becomes available


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I have six grandchildren and one great grandchild—a beautiful, very bright five year old girl.

I shall not give up.  

I'll do all in my power —as much as I can while I can.

I pray that all reading my words do precisely the same.

We may go down, but let's do it fighting as best we can.

For most of us that means we will continue attempting to throw out our seeds of wisdom—share our knowledge— share our truth--

So that some generation from now,  freedom may be born again.

Joan Hough


53% Favor Background Checks for Existing Gun Owners ++

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New Report Condemns Obama, State Dept.

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 U.S. consulate after Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack / AP

Critical of actions taken both before and after the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack

Government watchdog Judicial Watch released a report Tuesday criticizing the State Department’s and President Barack Obama’s actions both before and after the Sept. 11, 2012, attack in which United States Amb. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed.

“The September 11, 2012, attack in Benghazi resulted from a wide range of strategic and tactical failures by State Department officials,” according to the report. “Chief among them was the fateful decision to circumvent established security regulations by designating the diplomatic post in Benghazi a ‘Special Mission Compound,’ ignoring repeated requests for additional security resources by Diplomatic Security personnel on the ground.”

The report also criticized the State Department for being “well aware of the escalating violence in Benghazi and the political threat it posed to the U.S mission there.”

GOA Action Alert: Stop the U.S. Senate from greasing the skids for gun confiscation

Reid & McConnell are reportedly
about to change the Senate rules
It’s probably a harbinger of sell-outs to come.  But Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell is apparently about to conclude an agreement with Majority Leader Harry Reid which would sell out pro-gunners and decimate minority rights under the Senate rules.
This change could occur as early as Wednesday.  If enacted, it could handcuff pro-gun forces and keep them from defeating the most radical initiatives aimed at restricting our Second Amendment rights.
The first of two changes would allow Harry Reid -– and only Harry Reid –- to circumvent the hurdles that the minority could use to slow down a controversial gun control bill. 
As you may remember from the fight over the anti-gun ObamaCare bill, the filibuster of the “motion to proceed” is the last point where pro-gunners can delay a bill before Harry Reid can bribe Senators and buy votes with deals like the infamous Cornhusker Kickback.
If Reid follows this procedure, McConnell could offer two “germane” amendments on behalf of Republicans.  But given the willingness of Democrats to destroy the Senate rules by brute force, you can expect them to drastically limit what amendments would be considered “germane,” thus restricting the ability of the minority to effectively filibuster an anti-gun bill.
The second Reid-McConnell amendment would make it virtually impossible to stop a bill from going to House-Senate conference committee. 
Currently, if pro-gunners suspect that Democrats intend to take a tiny bill and write comprehensive gun control in a House-Senate conference, they can stop the bill from going to conference and require that it be bounced back-and-forth in an amendable form -- what is known as ping-ponging -- between the two houses. 
But this Reid-McConnell change would allow Reid to force a conference to prevent the minority from, once again, stopping gun control legislation from being written in a conference committee and crammed down Senators’ throats on a take-it-or-leave it basis.
The bottom line?  Given that Harry Reid has consistently abused the Senate rules and locked Republicans out of the amendment process, why should McConnell reward him with this massive expansion of his powers? 
And what does this say about the likelihood that McConnell will show any courage on the gun issue when it comes before the U.S. Senate?
The President and his allies in the Congress want to impose Universal Background Checks, among other things, upon every gun purchaser in America.  This would finally give gun grabbers the information they need to identify and register every gun buyer (whether the purchase was completed as a private sale or through a gun dealer).
Given that the Democrats in New York are trying to CONFISCATE guns from law-abiding gun owners, gun owners should rise with ONE VOICE in opposing any legislation or rules changes that would allow federal bureaucrats to register gun owners.
And more to the point, gun owners need to contact their Senators immediately and demand that they leave the Senate rules alone!
At the rate that Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is going -- if he concludes a deal limiting the use of the filibuster -- it would not be surprising if a number of primary opponents emerge to challenge him.
ACTION:  Click here to contact your U.S. Senators immediately.  While you can contact them here through CapWiz, we would strongly encourage you to call your Senators and DEMAND that they leave the filibuster alone!
You can reach them by calling the U.S. Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121.  And, please call Sen. Mitch McConnell (202-224-2541) and tell him to make NO DEALS to limit the use of the filibuster.
Please note that we have included separate letters for Republicans and Democrat Senators.

Proposed Mo. bill: Make parents tell school if they own guns

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More useful idiots lining up in a row.

Ever since the horrific school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, gun control has been a hot topic. Now comes word of a Missouri lawmaker who wants any parent who owns guns to notify their child's school.

The lawmaker says she hopes the already filed bill will bring awareness to schools and to parents about keeping their guns locked up.

It's the next idea in a long list of proposed ideas for gun control, making it mandatory for parents to notify their child's school about their gun supply.

"I am not trying to take away the gun rights of any parents or any other citizens I believe in the second amendment," says State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

She says she wants the violence in schools to stop and this is just one different idea that no one has brought up.

"It encourages parents to make sure they store their guns safely in their home, it also gives the school districts the opportunity to help encourage gun safety in the community and in the household," says the Senator.

More @ KSDK