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They would have shot him here

Estonian businessman, a graduate of the Estonian Police Academy, March Kuus became a party to fight one of the markets in Finland

In Finland Kuus came to sell chanterelles. According to him, Finnish businessmen are buying up the Estonians chanterelles by 3.5 - 4 euro per kilogram and sold at home already to 25 euros per kilo. Assessing the situation, Kuus brought to Finland chanterelles to sell them at a market of 7.5 euros per kilo.

The emergence of a rival angered the local vendors. They called the police.

He broke the nose of one of them before being subdued.

Gunwalker: Interesting Connections

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No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money


A post yesterday from "Noreaster" on the forum pointed out that Acting Director Kenneth Melson may not have been as far out of the loop on Project Gunwalker as he is claiming in his testimony with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Read the post below regarding Mark and Vivian Michalic who are both officials with ATF. Mark Michalic is an ATF Agent seconded to Deputy Attorney General James Cole as his Special Assistant while his wife Vivian is Assistant Deputy Director for Management and the former Chief of Staff to Ken Melson. This points in my opinion to a direct up and down communication link between the highest levels of ATF and the highest levels of the Justice Department. This is definitely something that deserves more attention from the House Oversight Committee.
Interesting talk with a good source at 99 New York the other day made me particularly angry about Melson claiming that he had no idea what was going on in F & F, which most of us think is a lie or cleaver lawyer-speak about what "know" or "learned" means.

1. Did you know ATF has had an ATF agent at DOJ HQ for 2 years working at the Special Assistant to the Deputy Attorney General? I didn't, but his name is Mark Michalic, formerly of the Intel directorate (OSII). My source tells me this was a hook up from Jim McDermond, the former Secret Service guy and head of ATF Intel who got sent to be the assistant director of Public and Government Affairs last year. Michalic (my source said he is a good guy and a Waco vet) has been there so long he has worked for or with most of the people on Issa/Grassley's latest demand memo for DOJ emails.

2. Michalic reports to and talks to Melson, Hoover, Sarnacki and Pelletiere as the official and unofficial link to senior management at DOJ and there are LOTS of emails between them.

3. Michalic's wife is Vivian Michalic, the current assistant director for ATF's Office of Management but also Melson's former chief of staff. That directorate controls all of the money, personnel (until recently) and administrative things inside ATF.

So it looks like acting director Melson, breeder of Portuguese water dogs and Captain Crunch stunt double - a guy more in the weeds than any other director we have ever had wants us to believe that even though he had the IP address of surveillance cameras, demanded briefings for he and Hoover weekly, had an AD and former chief of staff feeding him information from AND TO his connection in the DAG's office, that he didn't know what was going on? I think that is bull s###.

If the tactic is for Melson and Hoover to blame everyone above and below and try to claim they were poor misled executives, I pray Sen. Grassley and Rep. Issa will not be fooled. If you want to use Melson to beat the hell out of DOJ that is your political business, but 5000 employees in ATF deserve better than just that. Act with honor. Act with speed. Act with courage or go down in history as letting 10-15 lousy ATF employees destroy an important government agency and damage ATF's fight against violent crime, a fight we do better than any other agency, even as screwed up as were are right now.

And Now The Truth: "Spending Reductions = LIES"

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As they say, "and now for the rest of the story":

On the discretionary spending front, both sides had "identical offers," said one of the officials. There would be $1.2 trillion in cuts over the course of ten years; $1 trillion in savings that would come from the draw-down of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; and $250 billion in savings in Medicare over the course of 10 years. Both sides had also agreed to attach a second piece of legislation, to be decided via the reconciliation budget process, that would have changed the retirement age for Medicare and changed the premium structure for Medicare Part B and D, while eliminating certain kinds of supplemental insurance. That bill would also contain changes to the way Social Security benefits were paid starting in 2015, with buffers put in to protect the lowest-income beneficiaries.

In other words:

  • NO domestic spending cuts whatsoever.

  • NO material changes to entitlement spending ($25 billion/year on Medicare is pointless.)

  • NO other mandatory spending cuts. Anywhere.

Remember, the deal was supposed to be about $2 trillion in total - $1.2 as outlined above, and then $800 billion in "revenue increases" (tax hikes.) The deal "blew up" when Obama wanted another $400 billion in taxes.

We're talking about chicken**** here folks - these "cuts" are not real, they are all "reductions in planned spending increases.

Boehner and McConnell are both a lying sack of crap - there are NO actual spending cuts on the table by either party. The entire Rethuglican party is a bunch of damned sell-outs.

It is time for primary challenges for each and every one of the alleged "limited government" liars and frauds. Every one of them - fire them all.

Tea Party and "limited government" my ass.

Get ready to have the US' "AAA" credit downgraded, 'cause it's coming.


Police made mistake Again!


13 Southern Pictures 1864 - 1936

Roll Play: 1901

Looks like a pint in his rear pocket.:)



The Nimmo Bay Experience

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"A personal vendetta" thwarted

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Mel Watt is the proud owner of an "affirmative action" congressional district, the 12th, which was racially gerrymandered to give Watt a majority-black district in central North Carolina. How has he used his power? Here's one example:

The U.S. House on Friday roundly rejected a move by U.S. Rep. Mel Watt to slice the budget of an independent ethics office, a move several watchdog groups denounced and one called "a personal vendetta."

By a vote of 302-102, the House defeated Watt's amendment that would have cut the budget of the independent Office of Congressional Ethics by 40 percent. Last year Watt was the subject of an OCE investigation, though ultimately cleared.

Those in the know saw what Rep. Mel was up to:

"It seems unlikely to me Mr. Watt would have been engaged in this had he not been investigated by the OCE," said Melanie Sloan, executive director of the Washington-based Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics. "The public believes the ethics of Congress are terrible, and amendments like this only play into that."

I'm waiting for some ultra-sensitive soul to denounce ethics standards as "racist."

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-22-11

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Injustice Everywhere


Here are the 17 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, July 22, 2011:
  • San Francisco CA cop who cost city over $400k in multiple brutality claims is fired 4yrs after put on desk duty [1]
  • US Marshals settle suit for $3.4mil to mom of 2yr-old boy left brain damaged in shootout between cops & his dad [0]
  • Port St Lucie FL cop arrested on rape & “object sexual penetration” charges over alleged 2005 incident in Virginia [2]
  • San Diego CA settles suit for $500k to father of child shot by off-duty cop during mom’s road rage incident [0]
  • Gretna FL cop sentenced to 9yrs prison after convicted on sexual battery by a law-enforcement officer charge [0]
  • Spartanburg Co SC deputy suspended while investigated on allegations of assault & battery on a suspect in custody [1]
  • Tampa FL police accused of falsely arresting Navy vet for recording them on cell phone & taking phone [0]
  • Norfolk VA cop sentenced to community service for fatally striking bicyclist while speeding w/o lights on duty [0]
  • El Paso TX cop indicted over 2010 off-duty shooting of unarmed motorist after auto accident [0]
  • 10 of 14 Quartzsite AZ cops suspended for filing abuse of power complaint against chief who declared martial law and ousted mayor over police misconduct video [5]
  • Salem OR cop gets probation in plea to exchanging inappropriate texts and calls with an underage girl [0]
  • McKeesport PA cop sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to stealing woman’s key from under her door mat & breaking into her home [0]
  • Los Angeles Co CA deputy sentenced to 13yrs for breaking into girlfriend’s apt, assaulting & holding her at gunpoint[0]
  • Johnson City TN police officer found guilty of domestic assault involving his now-former wife [0]
  • DeKalb Co GA cop pleads guilty to helping others possess & hide a stolen car then lying to federal agents [0]
  • Manistee MI cop resigns while subject of unspecified investigation into possible property crime [2]
  • Turner Co GA sheriff under investigation for transferring large amount of pot from evidence to friend w/cancer [0]

Barrett 's M240 7.62mm machine gun

Navy vet arrested after taping police on cell phone

Via Don

He says he served our country overseas to protect basic freedoms like the First Amendment, but one Navy vet says he ended up getting arrested for taping police officers in Ybor City.

Jeff Patch took the video on his cell phone, and while the video will not win any awards as it is shaky and dark, the audio is clear. You can hear the exchange between Patch and the police officers. Initially, Patch was too close to the officers for their comfort, but by the time he was arrested, Patch had backed up at least 15 feet from where police were trying to question a witness.

At the beginning of the tape, you hear the officer scream, "Get out from behind me." Patch says he is sorry and walks off to the side. Then the police officer asks, "Why are you recording?"

Patch says, "I think not only is it my right, but I think it is my duty."


All Over But the Cryin'

The American people, North and South, went into the [Civil] war as citizens of their respective states, they came out as subjects … what they thus lost they have never got back.
-– H.L. Mencken

they say everyone has a twin
good morning Brock, The girls are at work, and I am recovering from a gig last night lol...... just checkin' on some friends from the old days of music when I came across the below video. Its a part time (for more fun than $) band made up of Dan Baird originally from the Georgia Satellites "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" The lead guitar player is a very old friend of mine Warner Hodges originally from VA. We went to school together for awhile) he's been in Nashville for 30 years or more now he was a real good friend of Link Wray and was and still is guitarist for the Scorchers, the bass player is Al Collins husband of Stacie Collins (Check her out sometime wow!) anyway like the subject says I have always heard that everyone has a twin and if Dan Baird don't look like me then I am blind in both eyes not just one.............we even play the exact same guitar. have the same stage moves, and I'll be damn it seems we are always breaking the same damn string on stage lol...........oh well I just sent this for a laugh. It is a good song though from a concert in Sweden I think................


Spittin' image, no less.
It's Been A Long Hard Road 2010 Tour, Cape Carteret, NC


There's a fool born every minute babe
but this time it isn't me
it doesn't take 20/20
to see what I can see

don't wanna hear nothin bout nothin
don't wanna hear how you are sincere
cause your actions speak louder
than the words you whisper in my ear

don't tell me nothins going on
I can feel it down in my bones
you can say that everything's alright
but its me going for that walk alone

I don't want to hear your promises
I know the truth and you're lying
it's all over, all over, over but the crying

Go on and talk all you want baby
just gonna sit right over here and listen
just go ahead little girl
you've got my undivided attention
oh, but I've been listening
to what you tell me with your eyes
those blue, blue windows
just can't disguise

don't tell me nothins going on
I can feel it down in my bones
You can say that everything's alright
but it's me going for that walk alone
I don't want to hear your promises
I know the truth and you're lying
It's all over, all over but the cryin

You can laugh about it later
You can tell yourself it served me right
You've painted a picture I can't forget
You've laid it out in black and white

Don't tell me nothins going on
I can feel it down in my bones
You can say that everything's alright
but it's me going for that walk alone

I don't want to hear your cheap promises
I know the truth and you're lying
It's all over, all over
Over but the cryin
Over but the cryin
Over but the cryin
Over but the cryin

Silver Update: Caught in the act, “The Comex is a completely and utterly corrupt market.”

Once again, there was stunningly blatant paper manipulation in the silver market on Tuesday. 250 million paper ounces of silver – $10 Billion dollars worth – was sold into the market in one minute. As our friend Brother John disects the crime he notes, “The Comex is a completely and utterly corrupt market.”