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North Carolina Republicans Budget Stops Tax-Funded Abortions

The budget state Republican legislators have floated in North Carolina would end the practice of funding abortions in the state with taxpayer dollars — to the tune of $50,000 annually.

In 1978, former Democratic Gov. Jim Hunt created the State Abortion Fund to pay for abortions with public money up to 20 weeks into pregnancy. In 1995, the state legislature narrowed the parameters of the fund to allow publicly funded abortions only for women below the federal poverty line who aren’t eligible for Medicaid and limiting the funding to rare cases when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest or the life of the mother is in danger.

They also scaled back the pricetag from $1.4 million annually to $50,000 per year.

Now, a provision in the Republican budget plan would eliminate the abortion fund entirely and another section of the budget would extend the prohibition on taxpayer funding of abortions to the health insurance programs for public employees paid for at taxpayer expense.

Doug Casey on Obama Killing Osama

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L: Doug, we’re going to lose a lot of subscribers talking about the news everyone is all gaga about, but I don’t see how we can shirk our responsibility to do so… So, Obama’s ratings drop to their nadir, and lo and behold, he personally orders the execution of America’s Public Enemy #1. This is a man no one has seen for ten years, but whose alleged audio messages have long had many people doubting that he’s even still alive. And now the body has conveniently been buried at sea before anyone who is not directly under the president in the chain of command can see it. Does it make me a loony conspiracy theorist to find myself feeling that this is all too convenient for the Powers That Be?

Doug: Look, a thinking person has to question authority – at all times, on all issues. It’s a matter of principle, as well as prudence. I’ve said it before, and will say it again: 90% of everything in the media is bull. If it’s not a fabrication, it’s opinion disguised as fact. Or facts that are modified or twisted. Or there’s significant data left out. Often that’s not because of some conspiracy, but rather the pure incompetence of reporters and editors today. There aren’t any H.L. Menckens on the scene that I can think of. I read and listen to the news mainly for entertainment purposes, and to learn what other people seem to believe.

Do I think this is all a con job? Well, you’d think that after spending trillions of dollars, and killing hundreds of thousands of people, that finally, after ten years, they could catch up with Osama, who is supposed to be the mastermind of evil itself. Frankly, at this point, he couldn’t have been more than just a tired, sick old man. He would probably have died naturally in a few years anyway, if he hadn’t already died years ago.

But you’d think they could get their story straight. First he’s hiding behind a woman, using her as a shield as he returned fire. Then he’s unarmed. I’ve read he was killed with two shots to the head. It sounds like a mob hit.

L: What makes you most skeptical?

Obama's 'Gangster Politics'

Martin Kozlowski

President Obama has officially kicked off his 2012 re-election campaign, and don't Republicans know it. The president is expected any day now to sign an executive order that routs 70 years of efforts to get politics out of official federal business.

Under the order, all companies (and their officers) would be required to list their political donations as a condition to bidding for government contracts. Companies can bid and lose out for the sin of donating to Republicans. Or they can protect their livelihoods by halting donations to the GOP altogether—which is the White House's real aim. Think of it as "not-pay to play."

Whatever you call it, the order amounts to the White House brazenly directing the power of government against its political opponents—and at a time when the president claims to want cooperation on the budget and other issues. Senate Republicans from Mitch McConnell to Susan Collins are fuming, warning this is one political sucker punch too far, an unabashedly partisan move that will damage Senate work.

Minority Leader McConnell in an interview calls the order the "crassest" political move he's ever seen. "This is almost gangster politics, to shut down people who oppose them. . . . I assure you that this going to create problems for them in many ways—seen and unseen—if they go forward."

That might not matter to a White House that's already monomaniacally focused on 2012. Democrats are obsessed with the money game, in particular rubbing out any GOP opportunities that came with the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision to restore some corporate free-speech rights. Democrats last year tried to ram through the Disclose Act, designed to muzzle those new corporate rights, while allowing unions to continue spending at will.

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Vote: The Best Facial Hair in the Civil War (sic)

24 Yankees to one Confederate! No bias here, nothing to see, just move on......... At any rate JEB beats them all and is currently ahead, so vote!:)

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What’s an Outlaw to Do?

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When all the world has gone insane … when all the news about freedom is bad … when you’re tempted to say, “Screw it” and give up hope, remember:

We are a silent army

An army of the mind. An army without hierarchy, without officers, without commands. We are an army of the intellect and the spirit that can never be targeted, bombed, or shot into submission. We are invisible, which sometimes discourages us, but which is our secret strength.

We are masters of subversion

Dalai Lama suggests Osama bin Laden's death was justified

Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama spoke to a crowd of about 3,000 students at USC's Galen Center on Tuesday. Wednesday he is scheduled to accept an award in Long Beach and speak at UC Irvine. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)


As the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, the 14th Dalai Lama says he practices compassion to such an extent that he tries to avoid swatting mosquitoes "when my mood is good and there is no danger of malaria," sometimes watching with interest as they swell with his blood.

Yet, in an appearance Tuesday at USC, he appeared to suggest that the United States was justified in killing Osama bin Laden.

As a human being, Bin Laden may have deserved compassion and even forgiveness, the Dalai Lama said in answer to a question about the assassination of the Al Qaeda leader. But, he said, "Forgiveness doesn't mean forget what happened. … If something is serious and it is necessary to take counter-measures, you have to take counter-measures."

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Anderson Cemetery in Ringgold - Saturday - May 7

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I have just come from the historic Anderson Cemetery in Ringgold and the damage is severe. There isn’t a tree in the cemetery that isn’t broken or uprooted, one huge tree that saw our ancestors fighting in the gap is now laying on its side, two men could not reach around this tree! The root ball is taller than two mini-vans! I am posting 178 photos to my face book page right now for anyone to see.

With the local officials understandably focused on other things, I thought this would be a job that the Sons of Confederate Veterans could help out on. When I arrived at the cemetery this evening there was a local man cutting the trees by himself. There are many trees down, stones toppled, some stones pulled up with the roots. Too much devastation to describe, so check out my Facebook page for the pictures.

What I am thinking is that any compatriots who wish to help can meet me at the Waffle House at exit 345 (Tunnel Hill-Ringgold exit) for breakfast at 8:00 a.m. this Saturday morning and then proceed to the cemetery at 9:00, that way any who are not familiar with the area can follow us to the cemetery. As of right now I have not spoken with anyone else who is going, but all hands are welcome, bring saws, shovels, anything you can think of. All hands welcome. Please repost to any one or group that might have some strong, willing, backs to help.

Steve Hall ( )
Past Commander - Lt. Col. William Luffman Camp # 938, Chatsworth, Georgia
Associate Member and Past Adjutant - Joseph E. Johnston Camp # 671, Dalton, Georgia
Honorary Member - Nathan Bedford Forrest Camp #469, Rome, Georgia

So You Want To Win An Election In 2012 Eh?

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Here's the recipe, which nobody (thus far) has mixed up:

Pronounce and live under two simple First Principles: Each individual owns their own body and property rights are to be respected. From these two principles all else flows. We outlawed slavery 150 years ago and declared it an unsupportable and barbaric practice. From this first principle all others must flow. While drugs (whether currently legal or not) are bad for you, it's your body. While certain sexual practices are dangerous, it's your body. While eating until you weigh 500lbs is very bad for you, it's your body. While choosing to not spend anything protecting against medical disaster by spending all your money and not buying insurance is probably unwise, it's your body. Decrying something as unhealthy or a bad idea does not give you the right to enforce your view at gunpoint via the law. MORE.

Why the Terrible Destruction of the Civil War? (sic)

The early publicity I saw on David Goldfield's new book, America Aflame: How the Civil War Created a Nation, certainly made it seem like something a revisionist history buff like me would want to read. The review in the New York Times, for example, which ran on Sunday, March 27, quotes Goldfield's description of himself as "antiwar, particularly the Civil War," and goes on to say that "what is distinctive about Goldfield's book is that he believes the 600,000 deaths and countless mutilations [caused by the war] could have been avoided." As Goldfield himself puts it, "after the Revolutionary War, the Civil War is the defining event of American history." And it "was not inevitable." Rather, it was "America's greatest failure."

Surely, Goldfield writes,

the failure is evident in the deaths of over 620,000 young men, the misery of their families and friends left to mourn their loss, the destruction of homes and personal property, the uprooting of households, and the scenes of war haunting those who managed to live through it.

And how much wealth was seized and squandered in order to accomplish this orgy of destruction of lives and property? "All told," Goldfield writes,

the war's direct costs amounted to $6.7 billion. If upon Lincoln's inauguration, the government had purchased the freedom of four million slaves and granted a forty-acre farm to each slave family, the total cost would have been $3.1 billion, leaving $3.6 billion for reparations to make up for a century of lost wages. And not a single life would have been lost.

Of course, this passage, admirable though it is in many respects, is predicated on the assumption that the Civil War was fought over slavery — that slavery was the issue that brought the war on, made it happen. This has always been rather an awkward position for its many, many adherents to defend, due to the fact that such luminaries as the majority of the US Senate in 1861, the president of the United States during the years of the war, and the supreme commander of the Union Army during that time all disagreed with it. The US Senate declared in a resolution in support of the war adopted on July 26, 1861, that

Gunrunner Scandal Beating a Path to AG Holder’s Door

How do you go from pushing Congress for a permanent assault weapons ban to letting military-style guns “walk” into the hands of Mexican drug cartels? If you are U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, extreme swings in regulation aren’t just costing gun sellers peace of mind – they are costing lives on both sides of the border.

On February 25, 2009, Eric Holder told reporters that he believed a permanent assault weapons ban was needed in part to stem the tide of guns flowing into the Mexican drug war. The newly minted U.S. Attorney General said at the time, “I think that will have a positive impact in Mexico, at a minimum.”

Later in 2009, Holder’s underlings blew a hole in that argument. Following common sense, Arizona gun store owners contacted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to report suspicious buyers. Some paid with cash for expensive guns; others brought paper bags to conceal their purchases.

The response from ATF was bewildering. Brad Desaye, owner of J & G Gun Sales in Prescott, AZ, repeatedly asked ATF agents for direction on selling guns to suspicious buyers. “[W]e would say – ‘Do you want us to stop selling? Is there something we should do here?’ And they would say ‘No, no, no – continue selling – just tell us after the fact,’” Desaye told Fox News.

The reason ATF agents didn’t want to stop the sale of guns was novel: By letting the guns “walk” across the border, ATF officials could nab bigger criminals in Mexican drug cartels. Thus were born Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious, joint operations between ATF and Holder’s Justice Department.

Conducted in 2010, Fast and Furious made a mockery of the ban Holder said he wanted to reinstate. Unable to get Congress to make the assault weapons ban permanent, Holder and ATF went to the other extreme: actively encouraging gun store owners to sell hundreds of guns to known straw buyers for Mexican drug cartels.

Time for Daylight: U.S. Weapons Reaching Cartel Hands a Huge Scandal

Via Sipsey Street Irregulars

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"The U.S. government has effectively allowed weaponry to reach cartels, and now uses the violence they helped cause as a gun control argument.

The U.S. government is the top supplier of the most effective weapons in the narco-terrorist arsenal, a story that much of the U.S. media is trying hard to ignore.

Fox News has reported that the U.S. government is the ultimate source for the majority of cartel machine guns, as well as hand grenades and plastic explosives. These munitions have been used to kill law enforcement officers, government officials, and civilians. According to sources, the weapons get from our government to the cartels via three routes:

U.S. Defense Department shipments to Latin America, known and tracked by the U.S. State Department as “foreign military sales.”

Weapons ordered by the Mexican government, tracked by the State Department as “direct commercial sales.”

Aging but plentiful arsenals of military weapon stores in Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Firearms such as M16 and M4 assault rifles — real, selective-fire weapons that can fire as machine guns — are sold directly to cartels by corrupt soldiers in the Mexican military, some of the weapons in new or like-new condition. Anecdotal evidence suggests that at least some of these firearms are sold to the cartels by Mexican soldiers that have gone AWOL with individual weapons, but many more are coming directly from corrupt government and military officials with armory access.

Some AK-pattern rifles and other Russian-designed automatic weapons can be traced to Latin American nations where the U.S. provided the governments these weapons as military aid.

Many of the grenades recovered from the cartels came from U.S. military assistance to central American countries decades ago, where aging stockpiles are being sold to cartels.

American weapons in cartel hands range in age from decades-old to nearly new. The exact age and point of ingress for these weapons is generally obscured by the U.S. and Mexican governments, who would rather not reveal how and why these weapons are leaving government armories to arrive in extremely violent hands.

This reality is a far cry from claims made by the Obama administration and echoed by Mexican President Felipe Calderon, the false narrative dubbed the “90 percent lie.”


Gunwalker scandal as proposed HBO series

High-ranking bad guy characters left out:

Barack Obama
Rahm Emanuel

National Security adviser Dan Restrepo

Eric Holder
Janet Napolitano
Hillary Clinton
Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division Lanny Breuer

Acting ATF Director Melson

Just to name a few.

Mike Vanderboegh

Full Civic Literacy Exam

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USA Continues 11 Month Record Firearms Buying Streak Adding 840,000+ More Guns to US Homes In April

Charlton Heston Cold Dead Hands

"I'll give you my gun when you take it from my cold, dead hands" becoming an unstoppable force in the face of Gun Grabbers!


NEWTOWN, Conn --( The April 2011 NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figure of 843,484 is an increase of 15.2 percent over the NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 731,955 in April 2010.

For comparison, the unadjusted April 2011 NICS figure of 1,339,673 is an increase of 9.2 percent over the unadjusted NICS figure of 1,226,760 in April 2010.

This marks the eleventh straight month-over-month increase in NSSF-adjusted NICS figures.

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MEMO to Barack bin Obama from Sir Thomas More

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Celebrate North Carolina’s Independence in Fayetteville!

"The only foundation of a free Constitution, is pure virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our people, in a greater measure than they have it now, they may change their rulers, and the forms of government, but they will not obtain a lasting liberty."
--John Adams, letter to Zabdiel Adams, 1776

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Fayetteville’s War Between the States Sesquicentennial

North Carolina’s Ordinance of Secession!

May 20, 2011

Historic Downtown Fayetteville


150 years after North Carolina declared Independence on May 20, 1861.

May 20th was a much-revered date in North Carolina---that of the Historic Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence in 1775.

Ada Amelia’s Diary entry of Tuesday, May 21st, 1861 states:

“the centenary celebration is near at hand. It is likely to be hereafter marked by a still more solemn

and important event in the history of the State.

It will be known, we trust, as the anniversary not only of the first, but of the second

and crowning declaration and act of independence for the old State.”

(read more of North Carolina’s role in the War Between the States at

Period Military & Civilian Dress is Encouraged.

Schedule of Events:


“Arrive at Five.”

Enjoy one of Historic Downtown Fayetteville’s unique restaurants. See for a restaurant guide. Also open will be the nearby

Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry Museum (210 Burgess Street) and the Historic Rail Depot/Transportation Museum (325 Franklin Street).

Both within walking distance of Historic Hay Street.


Fayetteville Light Infantry Museum

210 Burgess Street

Brief overview of North Carolina’s decision to secede from the Union,

Presented by Bernhard Thuersam, Director, Cape Fear Historical Institute (


Sesquicentennial Reading of North Carolina’s Secession Ordinance by Mayor Archibald MacLaine,

portrayed by Bruce Tyson, Commander, Fayetteville Arsenal Camp, NC SCV.


Toasts to Secession and Independence!

Attendees retire to Historic Hay Street taverns for Secession Toasts and Historic Celebration!

Next celebration will take place on May 20, 2061.

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Sponsored by:

Fayetteville Light Infantry Museum

Cape Fear Historical Institute

Fayetteville Arsenal Camp, NC SCV

Black River Tigers Camp, NC SCV

North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial Commission

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Verbatim post


Global Guerrillas

"I gave a little talk at a financial conference (Casey Research) that included the following very simple economic scenario:

  • Oil prices are going up (inexorably). China + Peak Oil + Financial diversification. Oil doesn't stop going up until GDP goes down. It's an inexorable force until then.
  • The US middle class is broken. A hollow husk unable to withstand the slightest gust. Regardless, it's the ultimate source of demand for the global economy. It's an immovable barrier.
  • When oil hits ~$150 a barrel the impact occurs between inexorable force and immovable barrier. The combo of higher prices at the pump and for everything else (food and other essentials) starts to crush middle class budgets and force defaults. The economy shrinks until the price of oil goes down enough to be affordable again (for those still left in the middle class).

We keep repeating the pattern above until we're in the second depression (D2). Long term low demand."