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Avalanche Cliff Jump

The First Zombie-Proof House

"I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery."
-- Thomas Jefferson

The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths

We have Mike's original, The Un-civil War, and it was excellent.

The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths.

360 pages. Soft cover $22.95.
SCV discount tentatively 15%.
Bulk discounts available.

Initial Shipping date target: May 11
Hard Cover (special/academic edition) aprox. $32.95.
Publisher: Universal Media Inc/Tribune Papers.

Mike Scruggs

How to pull out a tooth with a rocket

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Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

The Market Ticker
You've GOT To Be Kidding Me (Birth Certificate)

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Ann Barnhardt

"If you or I did this in any context, we would spend MANY YEARS in prison. Obama should spend the rest of his life in prison.

I will not allow my country to be screwed with by a low-rent Communist agitator. If law enforcement will not act, then the people must. Obama is in NYC at a campaign fundraiser. He should be arrested and should not step foot in the White House again. Send the daughters to Chicago with their grandmother, because Barack and Michelle Obama are, at this moment, fugitives from justice and should be tried for treason"


With an update. I think it is obvious that you would not spend two million dollars to prevent the release for two years and then release it if there was not something seriously wrong in Denmark.

I Can Emphatically Tell You That The Document Posted On White Has Been Either Pasted Together, Or For Some Reason Taken Apart

Police Confront Broward Judge at Gunpoint

Confusion should be their middle name and then they start lecturing her! Who the hell do they think they are?

Broward Circuit Court Judge Ilona Holmes, her sister and her sister’s family says they were ordered at gun point by several Broward Sheriffs Deputies on Easter Sunday to come out of her sister’s home with their hands up.

It was no evening of peace for the Deerfield Beach family, who’d just finished dinner with friends and family, and sent extra Easter dinner to a needy family connected with their church. Then, at 8:20 p.m., police got a call about a possible burglary next door. But a bad address caused police to go to the wrong home.

“Do I feel safe?” asked Carmita Scarlett, the homeowner and sister of Judge Holmes. "No, absolutely not. No, no. So much confusion, so much anger. So much, almost like, resentment. You know, ‘you made the mistake and,’ I told them, ‘I'm the victim and you're upset with me?’”

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Incident In New Bagdad Trailer



"The response has been incredible since Angry White Dude published his Open Letter to Ghetto Blacks. More and more decent people are fed up with being preyed upon while paying for the disgusting violent behavior of the welfare-dependent ghetto black population. Since Obama was elected, violence from ghetto blacks is on the increase as racial relations deteriorate rapidly. Obama and his henchman Eric Holder have done more to divide the races with their complete disassociation of protecting white people from violence and hate crimes by blacks than any other group in recent history. White people, and non-ghetto blacks, have simply had enough. We are arming ourselves, spouses and children to protect ourselves from gangs of feral ghetto black youth across America"

S&W's Nation's Finest/ Beretta's America's Defenders Rebates

America's Third War: An Informant's Story


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Allen West Heckled, Heckler Arrested

Support Bill to Mandate Worker Verification of all North Carolina Workers

Battle for More Sensible Immigration Policies Now in North Carolina State Legislature

Kick Illegal Aliens OUT of North Carolina Jobs


Our spring initiatives are now in full force all across the country. We're hoping to make a major impact in North Carolina before the state legislature adjourns for the year in mid May. And we've got a great chance at making that happen in the upcoming weeks, we'll need your financial support and activism as we go on this final push.

State immigration enforcement has received lots of attention in the past year. As the Federal government continues to let the American people down by its refusal to enforce immigration laws, a number of states are attempting to take control. As evidenced by the actions of the North Carolina state legislature, the need to gain control of our immigration laws and ensure that the law is properly enforced is apparent to everyone.

For many years, North Carolina legislators have refused to address this issue, instead preferring to allow greedy business to exploit illegal labor and keep North Carolina residents unemployed. However, with North Carolina facing a $270 Million budget shortfall, legislators in Raleigh are now leaning toward putting unemployed North Carolina residents back in North Carolina jobs.

There are multiple bills winding their way through the legislature that would mandate the use of E-Verify for at least some new hires. Mandating E-Verify will prevent employers from hiring illegal aliens and open up employment opportunities for millions of Raleigh ' unemployed.

9.7% of all North Carolina residents are unable to find any job -- that's 909,945 U.S. citizens and legal immigrants. If the state requires the use of E-Verify, a huge number of jobs will be opened up to legal workers.

By now I'm sure you've heard about the E-verify system. This outstanding government database is used to validate the eligibility of all workers to work legally in the U.S. With a 99.7% overall effectiveness rate, this tool is the best option currently available to reduce the presence of illegal aliens in U.S. jobs, and put unemployed Americans back to work.

But, the open borders lobby in Raleigh is doing its best to stop these bills. We must get one or more passed.

I need your help. Without an infusion of financial help from Raleigh members of NumbersUSA like you, we may not be able to complete this job. It's time the North Carolina legislature to stand up for North Carolina. Help us insist that they do so. Thank you.

In the last few weeks, NumbersUSA has already won big state victories in Indiana, Alabama, and Georgia. We're on the knife's edge in several other states. We need more support!

Here's what well use the money for:

  • Send tens of thousand of faxes to hundreds of North Carolina legislators;
  • Mobilize thousands of North Carolina residents to contact their state Senators and Representatives;
  • Connect North Carolina residents with other concerned activists in their home districts.

We promised to be much more proactive this year. The fact that E-Verify is in play in North Carolina shows just how much influence NumbersUSA and our North Carolina activists truly have.

Getting where we are now has required huge sacrificial giving from so many for so long. Sending faxes and assembling experts on state law does not come cheap. Please help us cross the finish line in North Carolina .

There are four ways to give:

1) On-line credit card (we take all major cards);

2) Give by PayPal;

3) Check -- see the instructions and a form to print out and send with your check;

4) Call (877) 885-7733 to arrange a wire transfer, stock donation, or to make a credit card donation over the phone. If our office is closed, please leave the time and your phone number and we will call back.

Miss America Susie Castillo Sexually Assaulted TSA Style

Via California Tree of Liberty

"Susie Castillo, the 2003 Miss America, has been sexually assaulted by TSA Agents.

In what can ONLY be described as sexual assault, Susie fell victim to a TSA “screener” who fondled her vagina multiple times.

This is absolutely unacceptable and comes on the heels of an exclusive story that The Intel Hub released which documented the fact that a 25 year old pregnant first grade teacher was treated as a possible terrorist."

The Obama Birth Certificate: So Who’s Lying?

"The moment of truth: trying to look the most serious, when telling the biggest lie. Barry Soetoro, April 27, 2011."

So Barry Soetoro released his authentic, “long form” birth certificate, eh? Is it real? We’ll see. But, why release it now? Has the lying, black African Communist Muslim traitor finally folded? Is this is last hand? Is he out? It took Donald Trump to call his hand?

The new “birth certificate” of Barry Soetoro, released by the White House, April 27, 2011, two and a half years after the issue was raised. Who’s kidding whom? The new document will surely undergo an unprecedented scrutiny. The United States Constitution is what’s at stake, not Barry’s dubious identity.

“A distraction,” Barry called the birther issue. Hardly. To him, the distraction is the Constitution. That’s the issue he wants ended. America is hindrance he wants removed, like George Soros wants. Barry wants America’s birth certificate removed. He wants to bury it in confusion, like he buried his own.

The majority of the American people have no confidence in Barry. After his national statement this morning, it is apparent that the man is deluded, and intent upon accusing his opponents of precisely his own dubious behavior. Never in American history was it so apparent that a a person was lying. It would have been more than appropriate for the media to televise a lie detector meter attached to Barry’s right arm. Never was it more visual apparent by the agony and deception in his face that the pseudo leader was lying.

What Would The Founders Think?

american_insurgents"T.H. Breen’s well-documented book offers a different perspective on the American Revolution. According to Breen, the celebrated men of the Continental Congress are rightly revered for having founded the American nation. However, wise and well schooled in the philosophies of governance as they were, there is more to the story than has been told.

Breen does not suggest that such men as Adams, Franklin and Washington should be honored less. Rather, his thesis is that the ordinary men, who took up arms before the Declaration of Independence was written, should be honored more.

These are the people who chose not to submit to a government they perceived as unjust and a threat to their constitutional rights as Englishmen. Without those people, Breen asserts, there would have been no Revolution and no independent nation.

Today, we call those ordinary people patriots. Their contemporaries called colonists who defied parliamentary rule, insurgents; thus, the book’s title."

Race and Economics

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Walter Williams fans are in for a treat-- and people who are not Walter Williams fans are in for a shock-- when they read his latest book, "Race and Economics."

It is a demolition derby on paper, as Professor Williams destroys one after another of the popular fallacies about the role of race in the American economy.

I can still vividly recall the response to one of Walter's earliest writings, back in the 1970s, when he and I were working on the same research project in Washington. Walter wrote a brief article that destroyed the central theme of one of the fashionable books of the time, "The Poor Pay More."

It was true, he agreed, that prices were higher in low-income minority neighborhoods. But he rejected the book's claim that this was due to "exploitation," "racism" and the like.

Having written a doctoral dissertation on this subject, Walter then proceeded to show why there were higher costs of doing business in many low-income neighborhoods, and that these costs were simply passed on to the consumers there.

The Stainless Banner March/April 2011

="I entirely concur in the propriety of resorting to the sense in which the Constitution was accepted and ratified by the nation. In that sense alone it is the legitimate Constitution. And if that is not the guide in expounding it, there may be no security."
--James Madison, letter to Henry Lee, 1824

March/April 2011

Appomattox - A Soldier Remembers
Page 16

Lee's Surrender, By My Great Grandfather, April 9, 1865, 146 Years Ago

The Stainless Banner March/April 2011