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Banning Guns by Changing Definitions

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The Obama administration is seeking to limit the importation of some shotguns via rulings made by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF.) ATF has issued a “Study on the Importability of Certain Shotguns” which provides the logical underpinnings for a ban of some weapons. In Part 1 we looked at how the ATF defined “sporting purpose” to exclude the popular action and practical shooting sports. In Part 2 we saw how several features that would cause an imported shotgun to be banned are useful in home defense. In Part 3 we looked at how the unconstitutional Gun Control Act of 1968, which introduced the “sporting purpose” test for importation, came to be. In this final installation we’ll look at the implications of the current study on pistols, rifles, and domestic shotguns.


Yup, looks like it, at least the majority.

Reference: "The Bright, Shining Lie"
Well, so much for Bachmann.

Looks like we're back to Ron Paul, Rand Paul and the Revolution.

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Back in February of 2010, I appeared on Neil Cavuto’s FOXBusiness TV show to talk about the emergence and effectiveness of America’s Tea Party movement. I warned FOX biz host Charles Payne that I was very concerned about the Tea Parties being infiltrated and taken over by big-government neocons.

See my interview on Neil Cavuto’s show (hosted by Charles Payne).

With more than a year having gone by since that interview, I believe the concerns I expressed on FOX were more than warranted. I am seeing more and more Tea Parties fall into the same trap, as did their predecessors back in the “Conservative Revolution” of 1994 and ‘95.

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Roy Moore on the Issues

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Here is Roy Moore on the issue. (This will take you to the main page where you can click on issues. It is a page within a page so it doesn’t have a separate URL.) There is very little here to object to. I think he is easily the most “paleoish” candidate so far. You can read his issues yourself, but here are some highlights.

VOTE NOW: Are You Offended to See a Confederate Flag Fly?

A Dodge County, Georgia courthouse.


Well, so much for Bachmann

What is it with these people who back down whenever the wind changes? Pathetic. I think I'll write in Rev. Manning........
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Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) suggested Wednesday that questions over President Obama's birth certificate are a distraction from more pressing issues facing the nation, indicating that Obama's certificate of live birth should be enough to "settle" any questions.

During an interview with Bachmann on ABC's "Good Morning America," George Stephanopoulos held up a copy of the president's certificate of live birth, which the Obama camp presented during the 2008 presidential race.

Bachmann said the certificate, which has been rejected as not valid proof of Obama's birthplace by real estate mogul Donald Trump and other doubters, is good enough for her.

Here's part of the Wednesday exchange between Bachmann and Stephanopoulos:

Stephanopoulos: Well I have the president’s certificate right here. It’s certified, it’s got a certification number. It’s got the registrar of the state signed. It’s got a seal on it. And it says 'this copy serves as prima facie evidence of the fact of birth in any court proceeding.'

Bachmann: Well, then that should settle it.

NewsBusted 4/19/11 :)

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Issa threatens Melson with contempt for noncompliance with 'Gunwalker' subpoena

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“Chairman Issa Chastises ATF for Refusal to Comply with Subpoena,” an April 20 House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform release declares.

“If you do not comply with the subpoena, the Committee will be forced to commence contempt proceedings,” the release promises.

The text of the complete release follows:

Urge NC Senate Leader Phil Berger to Back SB 205

Senator Phil Berger

Dear North Carolina Activist:

SB 205, a bill that would prevent illegal aliens from receiving non-emergency benefits and services, is currently sitting in the Senate Rules Committee. If the bill is to have any chance of passing the General Assembly this year, it must pass out of the Rules Committee. Senate Leader Phil Berger has the authority and influence to make this happen, but has yet to show any sign of doing so. Please call and email Sen. Berger and urge him to back SB 205 and get it a vote on the Senate floor. His phone number and email address, as well as talking points, are below.

Phone number: 919-733-5708
Email address:

Talking points:
  • It is unfair to North Carolina's unemployed for illegal aliens to receive taxpayer-funded benefits and services. Please support Senate bill 205 and help get the bill through the Senate Rules Committee.

  • North Carolina has a major debt crisis and cannot afford to provide non-emergency benefits to illegal aliens -- especially when so many North Carolinians are unemployed. Please support Senate bill 205 and help it get a vote on the Senate floor.

Thank you!

NC Bill Would Protect American Students
Numbers USA
1601 N. Kent Street
Suite 1100
Arlington, VA 22209

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The Help

Academic Rot By Walter E. Williams

The average American, as parent, student and taxpayer, has little idea of the academic rot at so many of our colleges. Save for a tiny handful of the nation's colleges, what distinguishes one college from another is the magnitude of that rot.

One of the best sources of information about our colleges is the New York City-based Manhattan Institute's quarterly Web magazine, Minding the Campus, edited by John Leo, former columnist for U.S. News & World Report.

The magazine's Winter 2010 edition contains an article by Dr. Candace de Russy, former member of the board of trustees of the State University of New York (SUNY), titled "Hate-America Sociology." De Russy's colleague sent her a copy of a student's exam from an introductory sociology class found lying in a room at an East Coast public college. The professor had given it a perfect score of 100. Here are some of the questions asked and the student's written response:


"An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy; because there is a limit beyond which no institution and no property can bear taxation."
--John Marshall, McCullough v. Maryland, 1819
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Concerned Citizens and Immigration Reformers,

NC Senate bill S205 "No benefits for Illegal Aliens" would deny government benefits to illegal immigrants.

Who wants to see their hard earned dollars going to provide Government services and benefits to illegal immigrants.

****TAKE ACTION with this simple message for now ********* CALL OR EMAIL N.C. Senate Leader Phil Berger ---- tell him to move NC Senate bill 205 out of the Rules Committee and move the bill forward. Our State has a major debt crisis, so our tax dollars do not need to be spent on non-emergency government benefits and services for illegal immigrants.

NC Senate Leader Phil Berger's office phone number is 919-733-5708. His email is

Ron Woodard

Judge: Confederate Marker Must Move

"After the ruling and outside the courthouse, a tense situation had to be defused between two members of the Fredericksburg Area Veterans Council and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The two exchanged sharp words before being separated by their peers without further incident. The SCV marker sits on a corner of land near Maury Commons upon which the Fredericksburg Area Veterans Council had erected a monument to Fredericksburg soldiers who served in 20th and 21st century armed conflicts." MORE.

Via Dan
Dan's ancestor is buried there. Also my reply to this travesty was the posting of my grandfather's words which Dan had picked to place on the Whitehall Memorial. More pictures at link below.

Memories Of Dixie And The Republic Of South Vietnam

"I say we cannot know your suffering, but this we do know; We love and honour you, veterans, and are justly proud of the heritage you have given us. Just so long as warm blood flows in the veins of man, so long will the words 'Confederate Veteran' cause that blood to tingle with glorious pride, and, if there be one among us, born in our glorious Southland who is not so thrilled, every drop of stagnant blood proclaims him bastard to the South-a coward to all the world."

Confederate Memorial Day 05, 10, 1911 (My Grandfather & Mother)

Joseph Powell Pippen, Esq.
My Grandfather

Whitehall Memorial Park Dedication Service

Video: Atlas is shrugging already

The Official Atlas Shrugged Movie Web Site

Atlas Shrugged -The Book


"In my review of the film Atlas Shrugged earlier today, I noted that Barack Obama’s latest policy address would fit perfectly into the story — as an example of the clueless and malevolent mercantilism depicted in both Ayn Rand’s novel and the film’s first installment. Turns out that our friends at FreedomWorks were way ahead of me on this point. Thursday, they released a mash-up video that did what the filmmakers deliberately chose not to do, which is to cast President Obama in a lead role by using his own words — and make the connection even more clear:"

"It occurred to me last night that this film wouldn’t have resonated nearly as well three years ago, or ten years ago, or perhaps not any time in the 54 years since Rand published the novel. The sense of crisis in the movie would have seemed too far from the experience of most Americans; likewise, the sense of aggressive, populist redistributionism would have looked hyperbolic and contrived. If this isn’t the perfect moment for this film, then it’s as close as I’d like to see it in my lifetime.

On a lighter note, Reason TV gave us a look behind the scenes of the film, speaking to cast, crew, and commentators:"