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"Truth does not become more true by virtue of the fact that the entire world agrees with it, nor less so even if the whole world disagrees with it."
-- Maimonides aka Moses ben-Maimon (1135-1204)
The dead at the Bloody Lane in Antietam (Sharpsburg)

"We now have the Executive Branch of our Government not only acting hostile to the States of the Union, now it has decided it will engage in subversive measures to further destabilize the nation, sides are being chosen, shirts or skins folks?

Why would the current administration want to see the USA engaged in a Hybrid Civil War? The strategies being used are brilliant, and they were drawn up on paper long ago, what is happening is not happen stance that was thought up in last weeks think tank.

Using the Labor Unions to further fracture what is left of the cohesion of the United States was also brilliant, the inept and bumbling union leaders have failed to understand that they are only being used and jockeyed in to position for a Civil War, I suppose the fifteen minutes of shame will be worth the blood about to be spilled."

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Another poll suggests liberals have struck fools' gold in Wisconsin

From the rumblings on the left-wing blogs, liberals seem to think they have struck political gold in Wisconsin. They've found an issue on which they sincerely beleive the public will support them -- protecting the rights of teachers and other government workers.

What they've really found is fools' gold.

A new survey of 1,800 registered voters from Quinnipiac University shows that the public's view of public-sector unionism is mixed at best, and on the whole leans against the unions. An overwhelming majority of 63 percent believe they should be contributing more to their benefits. Only 15 percent believe that government workers are underpaid. A plurality of 42 percent believe they are overpaid.

The public is split evenly, but slightly against the unions (45 to 42 percent) on the question of whether government workers should have their collective bargaining rights limited. They also split in favor of the Republican governors (47 to 41 percent) in their belief that Walker and others are putting the screws to unions because of legitimate budget problems, not simply to weaken unions.

Illinois Officials Spar Over Order to Make List of Gun Owners Public

"My gun ownership is none of your business," Stephens, who is pushing a bill in the General Assembly to lock down that list, told "I don't know what Lisa Madigan doesn't understand about that, but obviously she's confused."

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Exclusive footage of Shahbaz Bhatti's interview

"I am prepared to die."

Shahbaz Bhatti, Pakistan's slain minister was aware of the threats that he faced in Pakistan.

Al Jazeera has obtained the footage of an interview with the minister in which he talks about how he would carry on fighting to end the suffering of his community.

Bhatti's close colleague shared the video with Al Jazeera saying that Bhatti had requested him to do so in the eventuality of his assassination because "it is with the Muslim world I want to share the message of love. That is the only message that can bring the Muslim world out of the circle of hate and killings."

A Project Gunwalker Scandal Grab Bag: Questions, Indictments and a Congressman agrees to press for hearings

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Two Idaho congressmen have responded to constituent requests to investigate “Project Gunwalker”* allegations. Rep. Raúl Labrador and Rep. Mike Simpson sent email replies to two constituents who have shared them with this correspondent, and which are presented in the sidebar slideshow accompanying this article.

Rep. Labrador demonstrated a familiarity with the circumstances and background of this story, citing Senator Charles Grassley’s investigation and the need to ensure whistleblower protection. Further, he made a pledge that will be welcome to advocates for expanding hearings to the House of Representatives:

…I agree that it is time for the Oversight and Government Reform Committee to hold hearings on the BATFE abuses and I will encourage Chairman Issa to do so in the future.

Issa’s committed and focused involvement is essential. As The Washington Post noted in an unrelated story:

The chairman's post has almost limitless subpoena power.

Indeed it does does.

Congressman Labrador's Letter:

"And what has your Congresscritter done on this scandal so far?

And why not"

Congressmen Put Illegal Aliens/ Immigration Above Needs of Jobless American Mi Illegal Aliens and High Immigration Above Needs of Jobless

From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
Date: Wednesday 2MAR2011 Noon


Open-Borders Congressmen Put Illegal Aliens and High Immigration Above Needs of Jobless American Minorities

Argue Foreign Workers Don't Take Jobs From Americans

Below are excerpts of our Jonathan Osborne's report from yesterday's congressional hearing on the effect of our immigration policies on Black and Hispanic Americans who are suffering incredibly high unemployment rates.

You should bookmark and come to it regularly for Jonathan's reports of these hearings. He is a former congressional staffer and is Chief Legislative Analyst for NumbersUSA.

ACTION -- You can read all of this hearing report at: AND YOU CAN JOIN THE DISCUSSION THERE.

ACTION -- Many of you will find on your customized Action Board faxes to send to the Open-Borders Representatives who serve on the House Judiciary Committee. (And most of you will also find other specialized faxes that have recently been placed there for you to send.)

One outrageous assertion made continually yesterday was that it would be wrong to reduce the foreign labor competition for unemployed American minorities because the main reason they are unemployed is that there isn't enough federal money for job training programs.

We've heard this for years. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas), for example, once told me in a congressional hearing that she didn't want her constituents having decent-pay service and construction jobs because she wanted them all to be computer programmers and to take other high-tech jobs.

What the Open-Borders Representatives don't seem to understand is that there is unemployment at every skill level. I don't take a stand against training programs, but what is the point of training for jobs that the federal government will continually pour new foreign workers into?

The other outrageous argument of the Open Borders people yesterday was that Judiciary leaders Gallegly (R-Calif.) and Smith (R-Texas) were holding the hearings to create a political war between Blacks and Hispanics.

For one thing, the leaders invited both Black and Hispanic witnesses, each of which testified that lower immigration and more immigration enforcement would help their ethnic groups.

Most studies indicate that the Americans who are harmed the most by illegal immigration and high legal immigration are Hispanic Americans. So, it is unconscionable to do as some of the Open Border Representatives did yesterday and accuse Black Americans calling for less immigrant-job competitors of waging war against Hispanic Americans. Because any immigration reductions that would help Black Americans would help Hispanic Americans (and probably help Hispanic Americans even more).


The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement hosted a hearing Tuesday morning called Making Immigration Work for American Minorities.

* * *

The witnesses were Dr. Carol Swain of Vanderbilt University, Dr. Frank Morris with Progressives for Immigration Reform, and George Rodriguez with San Antonio Tea Party, all of whom testified for more enforcement. Also testifying was Wade Henderson, the President and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and a defender of illegal aliens.

* * *

Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) took the first big shot of the hearing with a snide remark aimed at Dr. Swain because of her criticism of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).

Dr. Swain is an African American professor, and nothing upsets a CBC Member like Conyers more than an educated black woman siding with the Republicans, so much for freedom of thought (I wish I could have seen Conyers face on election night when Tim Scott and Allen West were elected).

Conyers went on to say that the CBC is the conscience of the Congress. CBC Members use that line so much I'm beginning to think they actually believe they are a mainstream organization. Conyers then went on to tell Dr. Swain that:

"I've been elected 23 times. I hope you won't hold that against the Congress or my constituents."

Dr. Swain insisted that the CBC needs to do a better job of protecting the downtrodden.

After questioning Dr. Swain, Conyers turned his attention to George Rodriguez who had said in his earlier statement that if our laws were enforced, many illegal aliens would go home on their own.

Conyers said:

"That's the most preposterous thing Ive heard all morning."

Rodriguez (who supports vigourous enforcement against illegal immigration) said:

"We as Hispanics are tired of being lumped together with illegal immigrants."

It was a statement no one on the committee could contradict.

When it was Zoe Lofgrens (D-Calif.) turn to speak, she immediately went on to plug comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty) by saying,

"The polls show Americans overwhelmingly support comprehensive immigration reform."

* * *

Apparently, Sheila Jackson Lee wasn't paying close attention to the hearing or witness statements because when it was her turn to speak she immediately said:

"This hearing is the dead on point reason for Comprehensive Immigration Reform."

She then went on to defend the Obama Administration by saying that ICE raids have yielded a 45% increase in arrests. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, these numbers are skewed because the Administration sets the formula for compliance; a numerator without a denominator.

Fireworks usually erupt when Ted Poe speaks and he made another good point today when he brought up the problem at the border. He said:

"Only 15% of the border is airtight . . . 56% of the border is not controlled by the United States."

Ted Poe went on to discuss the rule of law:

"There is a philosophy in the United States that the rule of law doesnt apply to everyone. They seem to discriminate in applying the rule of law. Is that not our amnesty problem in a nutshell?"

Mr. Rodriguez responded by saying that the rule of law needs to apply to everyone equally and that there are no loopholes in life, if you've done something wrong, you've done something wrong.

Dr. Swain then said:

"The breakdown of the rule of law undermines our constitutional system. If there is a law were uncomfortable with, there is a system to change it."

* * *

Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) focused on the culture problem:

"Enforcing illegal immigration protects Hispanics . . . we're corrupting a Hispanic culture . . ."

What I initially thought would be a slow and sparsely attended hearing became a highlight reel of immigration politics. The Committee is starting to come together and there is clear talent and opportunity to debate some true red meat immigration issues like chain migration and the Visa Lottery in future hearings. I just hope the committee leaders bring Dr. Swain back for an encore. I revel in her brilliance, and the way she gets under the skin of John Conyers and Maxine Waters equates true entertainment.

(Here is part of Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith's opening statement.) "According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in January the unemployment rate for blacks was 16% and for Hispanics was 12%. These unemployment rates are well above the national average.

"According to the Pew Hispanic Center, seven million people are working in the U.S. illegally. These jobs should go to legal workers, many of whom would be minorities. Virtually all credible studies show that competition from cheap foreign labor displaces American workers, including legal immigrants, or depresses their wages

"But research is not the only proof. After illegal workers are arrested and detained during Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) worksite enforcement actions, many businesses replace them with American minorities. ..

"Each time ICE arrests, detains or deports an illegal worker, it creates a job opportunity for an American worker. Each time the Department of Justice brings a criminal action against an employer who knowingly hired illegal workers, it sends a powerful message that their illegal employment will not be tolerated. Unfortunately, worksite enforcement has plummeted under the Obama Administration. Administrative arrests have fallen 77% from 2008 to 2010. Criminal arrests have fallen 60%. Criminal indictments have fallen 57% and criminal convictions have fallen 66%. With millions of Americans unemployed, it is hard to imagine a worse time to cut worksite enforcement efforts by more than half."

Entrapped Justin Moose Gets 30 Months

Which is pure BS. As I remember, entrapment was illegal when I grew up.
en·trap·ment 1. the luring by a law-enforcement agent of a person into committing a crime.
"A federal judge sentenced a former Rowan County resident to 30 months in prison for giving bomb-making instructions to an FBI informant who said he planned to attack an abortion clinic.

Justin Carl Moose pleaded guilty in November to distributing information pertaining to the manufacturing and use of an explosive. He faced up to 20 years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000, according to the plea agreement."

Wisconsin Protesters Can‘t Explain Why They’re Rallying

When the protests in Wisconsin first began, we showed you video of students admitting their teachers were bringing them to the Capitol and saying they had no idea what they were protesting. At the time, some defended the video by saying we can’t really rely on the statements of children.

But now, equally damning video has surfaced of adult protesters not being able to describe the effects of Gov. Walker’s emergency budget bill, many appearing clueless about what is in the legislation and making off-the-wall statements.

One union “spokesperson,” however, doesn’t have any trouble saying that if the bill passes someone will “throw the first brick into the statehouse,“ which will make him ”happy.” There’s also the gem of one man claiming the phrase “liberty and justice for all” is part of the preamble to the Constitution:

Fire Paratransit Workers Who Stranded Passengers

"Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-13-Monmouth) today called for the immediate termination of 17 paratransit workers who apparently left 174 would-be passengers waiting for buses that never came on the day of the two clashing rallies in Trenton.

The senator issued this press release at about 6:05 p.m. today, in response to reports like this one, in the Asbury Park Press, describing the apparent coordinated sick-out by 17 workers for Monmouth County SCAT (Special Citizens' Area Transportation). Apparently all 17 of them, including 14 bus drivers, called in sick that day without notice. 174 passengers waited for buses that never arrived, and SCAT supervisors had to scramble to transport some of them to urgent medical appointments, including dialysis sessions."

Congressional bosses from Hell: Sheila Jackson Lee

A lot of politicians give nicknames to their aides. George W. Bush famously referred to his attorney general, Alberto Gonzalez, as “Fredo.” Mitch Daniels, then head of the Office of Management and Budget, was known as “The Blade.” Barack Obama reportedly called Larry Summers, his chief economic advisor, “Dr. Kevorkian.”

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas also hands out nicknames to the people who work for her. The Houston Democrat addressed one of her employees as “you stupid motherfucker.” And not just once, but “constantly,” recalls the staffer, “like, all the time.

SC Gov Nikki Haley — “Stand With Scott”

Obama's Union Bosses Web Ad

Allen West: Resurrecting the American Spirit

Barbour to Obama: Why don’t you let federal employees collectively bargain?

"Barbour, a potential 2012 presidential contender who met with the president this week at a White House governors meeting, didn’t call Obama a hypocrite outright, but he came close."

The Taurus Raging Judge 28 Gauge Revolver

1954 Fiat 8V Ghia Coupe

"The regular distribution of power into distinct departments; the introduction of legislative balances and checks; the institution of courts composed of judges holding their offices during good behavior; the representation of the people in the legislature by deputies of their own election... They are means, and powerful means, by which the excellences of republican government may be retained and its imperfections lessened or avoided."
--Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 9, 1787

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