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Free Speech Cannot Exist Without Chains

Absolutely unbelievable, as though it's any of his business.
"They're coming for your words, boys and girls."

The Turkey Bomber

Sunrise Over the Homestead

"I know that Thanksgiving is long gone, but since this is a blog about life in the Alaska bush, and since I wasn’t able to blog during Thanksgiving, I thought I’d write about it now. First, I’ll give you a little background, and then you’ll understand the title of this post. (Pictures at the end)"

Day By Day


The Shadow Knows.

US Mint Reports Unprecedented Buying Spree Of Physical Silver
"Three days ago we noted that in just the first week of January, the US Mint had sold 2,221,000 ounces of silver "a number which if run-rated would be an absolutely all time monthly record," A quick glance at the tally today, shows that something very scary is going on. In the subsequent three days, the number has surged by 50% and has hit 3,407,000 ounces of silver! In just the first 12 days of the month we have already surpassed the total monthly sales of 9 separate months of 2010." The rest HERE.

Reactionary Gun Laws Being Proposed in South Carolina After The Tucson, Arizona Shooting

 We Need Guns, Lots of Guns...
We Need Guns, Lots of Guns......

AP reports that Rep. Limehouse claims “the legislation isn’t more of an intrusion on rights than federal do-not-fly lists or state sex offender registries.” Of course, there is a major hole in Limehouse’s logic because federal do-not-fly lists and state sex offender registries are a violation of rights. 

Pending Magazine Ban Legislation in the U.S.
“The only reason to have 33 bullets loaded in a handgun is to kill a lot of people very quickly.” How about stopping a charging bear? Or stopping a charging meth addict? These legislators are out of touch with reality.

Dr. Walter E. Williams Day

Note from JWR:

Today is Martin Luther King Day in The United States. Because of his documented chronic plagiarism, I don't think that he is worthy of remembrance for a national holiday. My suggestion is that the holiday be replaced with Dr. Walter E. Williams Day. In my estimation, he is a man that is much more worthy of admiration. In his honor, all of SurvivalBlog's Quotes of the Day for this week will be quotes from Dr. Williams.


Amen! Virginia's Black Confederates

Ministering To The Sick And Wounded

In addition to his duties at Wilmington’s First Baptist Church, Rev. John L. Prichard traveled often to Richmond during the war to minister to the sick and wounded soldiers. During Wilmington’s tragic yellow fever epidemic in the fall of 1862, Rev. Prichard dedicated himself to caring for the stricken. He too succumbed to the fever, his spirit entering its rest on November 13th.

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute

“May 12…Letters from Richmond. Great solitude felt. Lord, deliver our Capitol from our invaders. Went to the new hospital, conversed with all the sick. Found several Baptists, Methodists, etc. Enjoyed talking with them. After resting went to the other hospital and visited all the wards but one and talked with the sick.

[May] 18th. – It is just – we have sinned and God has frowned. I preached from “I will bear the indignation of the Lord, for I have sinned against Him.”

[May] 24th…Went to hospital – spent very pleasant time. The sick seem so thankful for Christian sympathy.

While he was absent from home, attending the regular session of the Ministers and Deacons’ Meeting of the Eastern Association, held at Bear Marsh, Duplin county, news came that the seven days’ battles around Richmond had commenced [in late June, 1862]. Among the gallant young spirits engaged in the bloody strife was some representative from every family, and the anxiety which pervaded the assembly was painful to witness. Nor was it without cause, as the list of casualties afterwards proved. Mr. P. [Rev. Prichard] announced his intention to go to Richmond to aid in caring for the sick and wounded, and the next day found him on the way to the Southern Capitol. A week was spent in crowded hospitals, in ministering to the sufferers.

He writes:

“I make it a point to talk to each individual about his soul and ascertain whether he has a hope in Christ. It is interesting to find so large a percentage of pious persons and especially of Baptists. I regard this as one of the most interesting fields for the minister and colporter. I love the work.”

And again:

“North Carolina has suffered severely in the recent battles. Not less than 3,000 has she lost in killed, wounded and missing. Her devotion to the cause can never be questioned.”

About three weeks afterwards he again visited Richmond in charge of a car containing fruits, vegetables and other articles needed for the sick and wounded, sent from Wilmington and other parts on the [Wilmington & Weldon rail] road. The distribution of these articles involved much labor but he cheerfully performed it, feeling that he could not do too much for his country’s defenders. Of this trip he writes:

“At almost every station additions were made to the load. I wish you could have seen the quantity at Warsaw, Faison’s, Mount Olive and other places. Another car could have been almost filled.” His labors on behalf of the soldiers, continued to the close of his life, were highly appreciated by them…In this connection we give a touching testimonial furnished by a soldier after Mr. P’s decease:

“I never knew him well,” says the writer, “until the summer before God took him from us. He had come to Richmond on a mission of mercy to the sick and wounded soldiers from North Carolina. It was a work of love and pleasure with him. Being at home wounded, at the time, I was constantly thrown into his company, and never have I seen a man more earnest or conscientious in the discharge of his duty. From early morning till the night he was engaged passing from one bedside to another in the various hospitals.

Once I urged him to rest. Said he, in reply, “While I rest this evening, some man may die whom I might tell of Jesus. No, I must work.”

In 1862, I stood with him on the shell covered beach at Fort Caswell, N.C. The surf was rolling heavily in, and wave after wave broke at our feet. He stood in deep thought, looking out on the vast expanse, for some minutes, and presently exclaimed: “Life is like those restless billows, O for peace, for rest in Jesus!”

(Memoir of Rev. John L. Prichard, Late Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Wilmington, N.C., Rev. J. D. Hufham, Hufham & Hughes Publishers, 1867, pp. 132-136)
Ministering To The Sick And Wounded

A Truly Free Society
"You guys have grown so accustomed to your chains that you don't even notice them any more. Let me tell you how things would work in a truly free society."

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Great Depression Photographs Set To: In My Time Of Need, Ryan Adams

Via Campsie, SWR

Warmest-Year Claim Refuted As ‘Politics, Not Science’


Global warming alarmists have pointed to the claim that 2010 was the hottest year ever as proof that the earth is warming and nations must take steps to reduce carbon emissions.

But a website that has taken a prominent role in downplaying global warming fears is refuting that assertion.

“The global warming establishment and the media are crowing about 2010 being in a tie for the ‘hottest year,’” an editorial on the Climate Depot site declares.

“Everyone from Senator John Kerry to [noted climate scientist] Joe Romm are screaming that this is ‘proof’ the planet is burning up in a CO2-induced hell — and it’s your fault!”

The site pointed to a Jan. 13 story in Britain’s Telegraph headlined: “Hottest year confirms global warming, say experts,” which cited “new figures from NASA that experts say confirm the case for man-made climate change.”

Climate Depot responded: “This is pure politics, not science. The ‘hottest year’ claims confirm the case for political science overtaking climate science.

“The ‘hottest year’ claim depends on minute fractions of a degree difference between years. Even NASA’s James Hansen, the leading proponent of man-made global warming in the U.S., conceded the ‘hottest year’ rankings are essentially meaningless. Hansen explained that 2010 differed from 2005 by less than two-hundredths of a degree F (that’s 0.018F).”

Hansen admitted on Jan. 13: “It’s not particularly important whether 2010, 2005, or 1998 was the hottest year on record.”

Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue of Florida State University ridiculed the “hottest year” rankings in light of Hansen’s admission that it is “not particularly important” which year was declared the hottest. “Well, then stop issuing press releases which tout the rankings,” Maue demanded in a Jan. 14 commentary at

The “hottest year” claim falls apart even further when you look at longer time periods, Climate Depot notes.

Climatologist Patrick Michaels told USA Today on Jan. 12: “If you draw a trend line from the data, it’s pretty flat from the 1990s. We don’t see much of a warming trend over the past 12 years.”

Climate Depot concluded: “The declaration that we are experiencing a tie for the ‘hottest’ year is purely a political statement because these claims are based on year-to-year temperature data that differ by only a few hundredths of a degree.”

Caroline Kennedy Linked to Miniseries Cancellation

I guess they are branching out from rewriting only Southern History to New England now........

When A&E Television Networks abruptly pulled “The Kennedys” miniseries from the History Channel’s spring schedule, saying it was “not a fit for the History brand,” there were rumblings that the Kennedy family was actually behind the move.

Now a new report discloses that Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver did lobby the network to yank the eight-part miniseries about the American political family.

The multimillion-dollar project starring Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes created controversy as soon as it was announced in December 2009. Former John F. Kennedy adviser Theodore Sorensen — who died in October — saw an early version of the script and called it “vindictive” and “malicious.”

The Hollywood Reporter, citing a source “close to the situation,” disclosed that “none of History’s advertisers or sponsors complained about the miniseries. But behind the scenes, members of the Kennedy family strongly lobbied AETN [A&E Television Networks] to kill the project.”

AETN is owned by a consortium that includes the Walt Disney Co., NBC Universal, and Hearst. The source said Caroline Kennedy, daughter of JFK and Jackie Kennedy, personally appealed to Disney/ABC Television Group President Anne Sweeney, who serves on the AETN board, not to air the miniseries.

Caroline Kennedy has a book deal with Disney’s Hyperion publishing division, which will bring out a collection of previously unreleased interviews with Jackie Kennedy. Caroline has agreed to edit the book, write an introduction, and help promote it.

“But that level of cooperation might have been unlikely if History had gone ahead with the ‘Kennedys’ project,” the Hollywood Reporter observed.

Maria Shriver, daughter of JFK’s sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver, was formerly a journalist for NBC Universal. She too voiced her displeasure with the miniseries to NBC executives.

Also, Shriver is a friend of Sweeney, who serves on the board of the Special Olympics, founded by Shriver’s mother Eunice, according to the Reporter.

There has been “very little outcry” over AETN’s decision not to air the miniseries, NewsBusters observed; in contrast, “journalists such as Brian Williams railed about ‘extortion’ when CBS pulled a historically inaccurate 2003 miniseries about Ronald Reagan.”

“The Kennedys” is still scheduled to air in Canada and will be broadcast internationally.




Story Image

Jailed Mohammed Liaqat.

"THE hypocrisy of the politically correct brigade is truly nauseating. These noisy zealots constantly trumpet their commitment to women’s rights, anti-racism and the protection of the vulnerable.

Yet, suddenly, when confronted with the reality of vicious sexual exploitation of young white girls by Asian men, they drop their supposedly cherished principles.

To admit the truth would be to admit the failure of Britain’s experiment in multiculturalism. Any difficulties in the creation of the new Britain are entirely the fault of racism among white people. In this narrative of social change, ethnic minorities always have to be cast in a positive light; they can never be seen as the oppressors, only as victims. That is why there has been such a long cover-up over Asian sex crimes. The illusion of multicultural success must be maintained even at the expense of the truth or childhood innocence."



Political Cartoon

Via Cousin Bill

RTC – Jan 22nd – Atlanta: Be There Or Help Spread The Word!

What: Restore the Constitution rally with a timely focus on the current threats to 2nd Amendment rights coming from gun grabbers in Congress

When: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Saturday, January 22nd

Where: LITTLE Five Points intersection, Atlanta, GA (The intersection of Moreland and Euclid Ave in east Atlanta at the border of Fulton and Dekalb counties, not to be confused with “Five Points” which is in the heart of downtown Atlanta)

Be there, or, if you can’t make it, please help spread the word!

Thank you!


Event Description:
Because the Progressives are attempting yet once again to take away our rights, the Perimeter Tea Party of East Atlanta is planning another Restore the Constitution Rally. While we deplore the murder of unarmed men, women and a child, the attention and blame should be placed on Jared Loughner, not the gun he carried nor the size of the magazine. If 30 round magazines are outlawed, then only outlaws will have 30 round magazines. If a 1,000 foot “no carry zone” law is passed, then only outlaws will be withing 1,000 feet of our representatives.


We'll be distributing "freedom kits" to passersby at this rally, consisting of a pocket Constitution, some inflammatory language from the Founders, and a 30-round AR magazine, with an invitation to them to find the section of the USC that grants the .gov any power to ban such things.

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In Nuclear Silos, Death Wears A Snuggie

"At a small United States Air Force installation in eastern Wyoming, I’m sitting at an electronic console, ready to unleash nuclear hell. In front of me is a strange amalgamation of ’60s-era flip switches and modern digital display screens. It’s the control console for launching an intercontinental ballistic missile or ICBM."

IDF Collecting Settlers' Weapons

This is unbelievable and just goes to show you, don't trust any government, period.
Hebron Brigade commander orders Jewish residents to return arms received from army in light of relative calm in territories in recent years. 'This isn't Switzerland,' says enraged settler.

72,000 Square Foot Private Home


Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Long Hard Road, Riverfest Gadsden AL