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Muslim Street Music In Marseille:)

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Wilmingtonians Salute South Carolina’s Ordinance Of Secession

The War Between the States Sesquicentennial:


Upon the secession of South Carolina on December 20th, 1860, the Cape Fear Minute Men fired a one-hundred gun salute in Wilmington as the streets became crowded with anxious citizens. The schooner “Marine” at rest in the Cape Fear River let loose an equal salute, and Wilmington shipbuilder Benjamin Beery “added another salvo.”

The issue of Lincoln’s election and State secession had been discussed at a November 19, 1860 meeting in the New Hanover county courthouse, and newspaper opinion was divided along political party lines. The Democratic “Daily Journal” was an advocate of departure from union with the North; the Whig “Daily Herald” thought it better to hold a moderate course and remain within the federal union. The Unionist elements in the city saw serious economic problems with secession as much of Wilmington’s trade was with the North, especially New York.

Although many conservative North Carolinians denounced their neighbor’s precipitous action, Tarheels were united in opposing any use of force to coerce South Carolina back into the voluntary union. One conservative citizen stated, “I am a Union man, but when they send men South it will change my notions. I can do nothing against my own people.”

Mrs. Parsley, postwar President of the Daughters of the Confederacy recalled: “In 1861, when, amid great popular excitement and enthusiasm, South Carolina seceded from the Union of States, the people of Wilmington were deeply stirred by conflicting emotions. Meetings were held at various local points, and speakers for and against secession swayed the multitudes which attended them. At a town meeting, an address by Dr. James H. Dickson, urging moderation and advising against hasty action as to secession…His speech was followed by one from Mr. O.P. Meares, afterwards a colonel in the Confederate Army and later a judge”

Just to the south of Wilmington, the citizens of Smithville (now Southport) “irrespective of party” affiliation held a “large and enthusiastic meeting” on December 29th, just 9 days after the secession of South Carolina. A strong speech in favor of self-determination was presented by Col. George Wortham of Granville County, and records of the proceedings were sent “to each of our representatives in the General Assembly and…to the Wilmington Journal and the Raleigh State Journal with a request to publish – and…to be copied by all papers friendly to Southern independence.” The meeting adjourned “with three cheers for Secession, and three cheers, long and loud, for the Old North State.”


Early in January 1861, Wilmington’s Vigilance Committee led programs of speakers, cheering and cannon-firing as they sensed a final separation with the North---raising a “lone-star flag” [white star on field of red] as well. The model for this “North Carolina Secession flag” quite likely was the red flag hoisted the previous month by Charlestonians, and emblazoned with the palmetto tree and crescent. Wilmingtonians wanted their own symbol of political independence.”

Bernhard Thuersam, Director

Cape Fear Historical Institute


Wilmingtonians Salute South Carolina’s Ordinance Of Secession

GRNC Alert 12-18-10: Johnston County Anti-Gun Ordinance

If Assange was in China doing the same thing, the West would have called him a dissident and given him a Nobel peace price.
--Marce Elizeche Lando

Grass Roots North Carolina, P.O. Box 10684, Raleigh, NC 27605
919-664-8565,, GRNC Alert Hotline: (919) 562-4137

Alert 12-18-10:
Johnston County Anti-Gun Ordinance - Act Now

Johnston County commissioners are considering an ordinance to ban
shooting of any kind of projectile within 600 feet of a dwelling. This
would include BB and pellet guns. Upon questioning, county officials
admitted that this would even include bows and arrows.

Aren't you happy that these officials want to protect you from
yourselves?! Once again our elected officials seem to be mistaking
themselves for our mothers. It is time to remind them.
Well, the good news is that when this last came up for a vote it was
4 to 4 and was shelved. Now you will have a chance to put in your
opinions. The Johnston County Board of Commissioners will hold public
hearings on Monday, January 3, 2011, in the Commissioners' meeting
room, Johnston County Courthouse Annex, Smithfield, NC 27577. These
hearings will follow the Rezoning and Special Use Hearings and other
regular business, which begin at 6:00 p.m.

* Email AND call ALL Johnston County commissioners using this link:

* Attend the meeting on Jan. 3 at 6:00 p.m. Let's do our best to pack
the room at 207 East Johnston Street in Smithfield.
You may find your NC STATE representative by going here:
You may write your FEDERAL congressman by going here:
You may write your FEDERAL senators by going here:
Support these PRO RKBA merchants who, as GRNC sponsors, are
supporting your Second Amendment rights:

Hyatt Gun Shop, 3332 Wilkinson Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28208,

Duncan Gun & Pawn, 414 Second St., North Wilkesboro, NC 28659,

Shooter's Express, 2 Caldwell Dr., Belmont, NC 28012, 800-358-GUNS,

The Aisle Pawn Shop, 216 N. Main St., Mooresville, NC 28115,

Gunner's Alley, LLC, 203 N. Harrison Ave., Ste. 130, Cary, NC 27513,, 919-388-1991, contact: Ed Guerriero,

C & E Gun Shows, 4225 Fortress Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24060; Phone
540-953-0016 or 888-715-0606;

Ryan & Nina Leonard, Down South Ammo, Home of "SOUTHERN THUNDER"
Exploding Targets,

Lake Norman Firearms, Inc., 20823 N. Main Street, Cornelius, NC
28031,, 704-892-7839

Vanguard Security Consulting, LLC, 19135 W. Catawba Ave, Cornelius,
NC 28031

Media, 8300 Raintree Lane, Charlotte, NC 28277, ph:
704-650-5555, fx: 704-544-0326,

Dr. Manning's Christmas Song

Dr. Manning's Christmas Song (A)

Dr. Manning's Christmas Song (B)

This one is really good. A good sense of humor, of course, he came from the *South, so that explains it all!
Dr. Manning's Christmas Song (C)

*Red Springs, North Carolina where my mother went to college.

Flora Macdonald College, Red Springs + Macdonald, NC

Sam Davis Youth Camp 2010 & Flora MacDonald College

Please Come Home For Christmas - CHARLES BROWN

Fort McHenry

Francis Scott Key standing on boat, with right arm stretched out toward the United States flag flying over Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland.

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And on September 13, 1861...... 47 years to the day, a worst tyranny had come to our shores.
The Grandson Of Francis Scott Key Arrested By Lincoln

South Carolina Declares The Causes Of Secession

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In his “Declaration of the Immediate Causes which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina,” Christopher Memminger revisits the original American concept of self-government and restated that whenever any “form of government becomes destructive of the ends for which it was established, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government.” Note that though reference is made below to “anti-slavery” feeling in the North, it must be remembered that radical Republican doctrine held that African slavery must be kept within the borders of the South, not that the slaves must be freed. Republicans were a white supremacy party and the territories were for white settlers alone.

Car Of The Day

1959-1966 (Austin) Princess Vanden Plas Mk IV 1959-1966 (Austin) Princess Vanden Plas Mk IV. 7 photos

Less Than Half Of U.S. Teens In ‘Intact Families’

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Only 45 percent of American teenagers have spent their childhood with an intact family, with both their birth mother and biological father legally married to each other since before or around the time of the teen’s birth, a new report discloses.

The other 55 percent live in single-parent families, stepfamilies, or with adoptive or foster parents, according to the report from the Family Research Council’s Marriage and Religion Research Institute.

“Increased rates of divorce and childbearing outside of marriage have turned growing up in a stable, two-parent family into an exception, rather than the rule, for young Americans,” states the report, titled “The U.S. Index of Belonging and Rejection.”

The report, based on U.S. Census Bureau figures, found a wide disparity in the percentage of intact families among different ethnic groups: 62 percent of Asian-American teens live with both married parents, as do 54 percent of white teens, 40 percent of Hispanic youth, 24 percent of American Indian and Alaskan Native teens, and just 17 percent of African-American youth.

In multiracial families, the figure is 41 percent.

There is also wide disparity in the states: 59 percent of teenagers in Utah live in married two-parent families, as do 58 percent in New Hampshire and 57 percent in Minnesota, compared to 32 percent in Mississippi and 34 percent in Louisiana. In the District of Columbia, the figure is 16 percent.

Dr. Pat Fagan, who produced the report, asserted that the “culture of rejection” affects the entire nation.Asina, Indian, Africa, Hispanic, Multiracial

“Children in broken homes are more likely to be poor or welfare-dependent,” he said in a statement. “They enjoy less academic achievement and less social development, have more accidents and injuries, and have worse mental health and more behavioral problems.

“The culture of rejection burdens communities with higher levels of poverty, unemployment, welfare dependency, domestic abuse, child neglect, delinquency, crime and crime victimization, drug abuse, academic failure, and unmarried teen pregnancy and childbearing.”

As a result, he added, the United States “experiences increased costs in education, healthcare, mental health and the administration of justice.”

The report warns that America “will not be able to maintain its leadership role in the community of nations unless its parents take a leadership role in the communities they have built: their families.”

The Great College-Degree Scam

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"........ approximately 60 percent of the increase in the number of college graduates from 1992 to 2008 worked in jobs that the BLS considers relatively low skilled—occupations where many participants have only high school diplomas and often even less."
I fully agree that oft times the "education" is wasted, especially considering the political indoctrination they receives from many professors.

Less Than Half Of College Grads Under 25 Have Job Requiring College Degree

The Subversion Of Human Rights

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