Saturday, September 25, 2010

History Lessons - NC State Magazine

"Stokes County teacher Eric Marshall takes his fifth graders into battle and proves that history doesn’t have to be dull." Read the article and see the video HERE.

Results Of Thursday's NCFIRE Alert

Hundreds Turn Out For Mexican Consulate In Concord
"It's document fraud," said James Johnson of NC FIRE, a grassroots

3,000 NC Historic Maps On Line 1,500 - 2,000 A.D.

"North Carolina Maps is a comprehensive, online collection of historic maps of the Tar Heel State."

“There’s A Bloodbath Coming, And Everybody Knows It.”

American Rancher X

More Signage

"If any of you are in the mood to do more than 'trigger the vote', these might make worthy additions to any number of campaign signs for the Ruling Class this fall. The aspect ratio is even pretty close to some shipping labels"

10 Southern Pictures 1900-1939



"The heart of Tarboro is green – its Town Common, a noble nine acres of grass shaded by towering old trees, spotted with monuments to past causes and persons."
‘Someone run the bases for Bill!’ was always heard… I do not remember having to ask any one to run the bases for me. All this happened many years ago, and today as well as then I believe that Tarboro is full of people who are more than willing to ‘run the bases’ for those who cannot, without being asked.”
Cousin Bill Bass
Super Saturday in Tarboro

Dirty Money And The $PLC

"The New York Daily News blog cites the Southern Poverty Law Center in an attempt to smear Rand Paul. His crime? He accepted a donation from a League of the South member. Oh, the horror." The rest HERE.

American South Bookstore


JOURNAL: Notes From Underground

Excellent reply below.

Dave said...

"Human beings have been debating this since time immemorial, does might make right, or is there really something out there like truth and justice?

In Plato we see it clearly, Thrasymachus arguing that justice is the rule of the stronger. Socrates' reply is as valid today as it was over two thousand years ago:

"Yet is not the power which injustice exercises of such a nature that wherever she takes up her abode, whether in a city, in an army, in a family, or in any other body, that body is, to begin with, rendered incapable of united action by reason of sedition and distraction; and does it not become its own enemy and at variance with all that opposes it, and with the just? Is not this the case?"

The more that people become parasitical and the more that the virtues are ignored, the more chaotic things become and eventually even the powerful people will fall before it because we will all be at war with one another. Such a situation makes any productivity impossible and can, and will not be tolerated.

What we are experiencing today is a kind of mass delusion in which people have come to see moral values as subjective luxuries. As society collapses before them they will see just how necessary these values are. Unfortunately, in the quest for a state of justice, people may choose to support demagogues and tyrants, further pushing back the time when things get better.

Its up to us to make sure that doesn't happen but in order to do that we can not fall into the defeatism that virtue no longer matters."