Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WSJ Discovers The Austrians & Boettke - But Not The Mises Institute

" Finally, someone takes up the humble cudgel of Austrian finance." HERE.

He's Yours! No, He's yours!

"The mainstream, interventionist left and the mainstream, interventionist right continue to argue which side the Discovery Channel terrorist was on." And the answer to the $64,000 question is HERE.

Southern Ladies & It's So Hot That......


Evacuation Orders For Ocracoke And Hatteras Islands

Dear Friend,

With Hurricane Earl predicted to pass by the coast of North Carolina within the next 48 hours, The National Hurricane Center upgraded the Hurricane Earl Watch to a Warning at 11 a.m. Wednesday for the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Evacuation orders are in effect for Ocracoke and Hatteras Islands.

North Carolina State Emergency Response Team is urging coastal residents to be prepared for their personal safety and survival in case a hurricane threatens their community. By making a plan and knowing what actions you should take, the effects of a hurricane disaster can be greatly reduced.

Residents in the affected areas are advised to:

1. Collect supplies that are already in the home.

If you do not yet have an emergency kit ready, gather enough bottled water, non-perishable food, prescription medicines, extra clothing and essential items for babies, elderly or disabled people for three to seven days. Also include in your kit cash, important documents, flashlight, extra batteries and a battery-powered radio. Make a Plan:

2. Ready the house for evacuation.

Unplug small appliances in case of a power surge. Close all windows. Some shelters allow domestic pets, so stay tuned to local media for a list of designated pet shelters. Remember to bring supplies and vaccination records for your pets. Or, make arrangements to board pets at a kennel or keep them with a friend. Lock up the house after emergency supplies, pets and family members are removed.

3. Evacuate to a point where your life is safe.

This may be a friend's home that is outside the storm-surge zone or at a public shelter. Hotels and motels may no longer be an option. An emergency shelter is open in Pitt County at North Pitt High School in Bethel.

To find the number to the Emergency Services Center in your county, please click here.

To visit FEMA’s website for further tips on hurricane preparedness, please click here.

The N.C. Division of Emergency Management is working with local emergency managers to respond to the Hurricane Earl Warning. This is a crucial time for people living in storm-surge zones and in flood plains. Those ordered to evacuate must do so immediately. Evacuation routes will become congested, causing traffic to move slowly. Law enforcement officials will be assigned to evacuation zones to secure private property and the safety of evacuees.

Please visit for additional tips on staying prepared and informed.



Walter B. Jones
Member of Congress (NC-03)

NC Illegal Alien Crime Report For August

70 Word document pages long.How much more should we have to endure? Enough is enough. NCFIRE calls upon our Legislators in Raleigh, to enact "Arizona" type immigration laws as quickly as possible. The rest