Saturday, July 17, 2010

Manners Camp

Tarboro has this each year and we should have them all over the South. See the children HERE.


The Untold Story

"As the Sesquicentennial unfolds, we will be indoctrinated with stories of how blacks deserted the South and flocked to the Union army to fight for their freedom. Nothing will be said about the majority millions who stayed behind in loyalty, friendship and patriotic devotion to their southern homeland." Read the rest HERE.

Executioners of A Sovereign State

A Southern officer in Canada, Captain John Yates Beall was captured at the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge in December 1864 after attempts to capture a US warship on Lake Erie, free Confederate prisoners at Johnson’s Island, and rescue seven imprisoned Southern generals near Buffalo. For taking the brutal war to the Northern border of the United States, he was summarily hung as a “guerilla and a spy” on February 24, 1865. Read it all HERE.