Monday, June 28, 2010

Pestiferous Carpetbag Ulcers

"With only a ninth of the South’s population, North Carolina had furnished a fifth of all the soldiers who fought, and a fourth of all that died in action." Read more HERE.

The Southern Partisan

"The posting of this essay begins a period of transition for the North
Carolina Heritage Foundation. With the help and dedication of several very
dear, hard working, skillful and knowledgeable friends, we are establishing
a website for our ARCHIVES that is up, but not yet fully functional. While
such a site is never complete, it will be fully functional in a few weeks.
It is an online Southern journal titled “The Southern Partisan Reader”
(TSPR) and can be found on the web
HERE. All of our posted essays and
much more will be found at this site with daily, weekly and monthly updates.
This will in time become a huge Research Resource that will enable you to
read essays that were posted before you began reading from our NCHF
ARCHIVES, and read from writers who find themselves “The New American
Dissidents” in an American socialist, communist and agnostic environment."