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The "North Carolina Illegal Alien Crime Report" has been updated with the latest crimes by "suspected" illegal aliens in North Carolina. It is 48 pages of murder, child molestation, rape, drug activity, robbery, assaults, DWI, hit and run, driving without a license, etc, etc, etc. Read more HERE.

‘Nullification’ Taps National Psyche

Glen Beck doesn't get it.
Book Sales climb as ‘Nullification’ taps national psyche

Glenn Beck’s South-Bashing

Beck and Barton made three blatantly inaccurate claims about the Confederacy:
1. The Confederate Constitution explicitly addresses the constituent states as “slaveholding” states in the title of the document.
2. The aforementioned document prohibits non-slave states from joining the Confederacy.
3. It also prohibits member states from abolishing slavery.

Read the rest HERE.

Our Past Shall Not Be Forgotten

"It may well be that the most lasting contribution made by any soldier on either side during the Civil War came from John Baptist Smith born at Hycotee, Caswell County, NC. September 19, 1843." Read the rest HERE.



Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SAF Sues To Overturn NC's 'Emergency Powers' Gun Bans

"The Second Amendment Foundation on Monday filed a federal lawsuit in North Carolina, seeking a permanent injunction against the governor, local officials and local governments from declaring states of emergency under which private citizens are prohibited from exercising their right to bear arms." MORE HERE.

Heritage Alert

From: Bill & Pam Hicks <>
Date: Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 11:25 AM
Subject: Watauga Historical Association/Speaker Cancellations at Tipton-Haynes


I am sending this mailing to anyone who should or must be informed by the decision made by the President of the Watauga Historical Association yesterday in my firing as Interim Program Chairman. The following named individuals are no longer scheduled.....Mr. H.K. Edgerton---Ms. Christine Tipton---and Mr.John Van Arsdall.

In my opinion, my removal was a political ploy for my standing up for Southern Heritage. My replacement, the former Program Chairman is not physically able to perform....the "powers that be" wanted me out of the way....and they have succeeded. I was never informed I was being replaced until I announced Mr. H.K. Edgerton's presence at our August meeting. [I also find the timing peculiar since Mr. Edgerton is a Black American]. I harbor no ill will toward this group....just pity them for their ignorance and insensitivity.

I apologize for this. I must now make phone calls to those who do not have email. Please notify anyone you might have invited. Write or call me if you have any questions. Brother H.K., I am trying to find a place for you to speak, if you will accept. If anyone can help out here, please let me know.

Bill Hicks

Watauga Historical Association
P.O. Box 3453
Boone, NC 28607
ph: 828-297-6120
alt: 828-264-4275

North Carolina’s Ordinance Of Secession---May 20th 1861

An Ordinance to dissolve the union between the State of North Carolina and the other States united with her, under the compact of government entitled "The Constitution of the United States."

Carolina Camera: The Sling Shot Man




Monday, June 28, 2010

Pestiferous Carpetbag Ulcers

"With only a ninth of the South’s population, North Carolina had furnished a fifth of all the soldiers who fought, and a fourth of all that died in action." Read more HERE.

The Southern Partisan

"The posting of this essay begins a period of transition for the North
Carolina Heritage Foundation. With the help and dedication of several very
dear, hard working, skillful and knowledgeable friends, we are establishing
a website for our ARCHIVES that is up, but not yet fully functional. While
such a site is never complete, it will be fully functional in a few weeks.
It is an online Southern journal titled “The Southern Partisan Reader”
(TSPR) and can be found on the web
HERE. All of our posted essays and
much more will be found at this site with daily, weekly and monthly updates.
This will in time become a huge Research Resource that will enable you to
read essays that were posted before you began reading from our NCHF
ARCHIVES, and read from writers who find themselves “The New American
Dissidents” in an American socialist, communist and agnostic environment."

Friday, June 25, 2010

Action: House Bill 1726

Breaking News

North Carolina House Speaker Joe Hackney (D) and the democratic caucus are planning on passing a bill Monday that will put government in charge of what children can be fed in private daycare centers!!! One vote has already been taken and this bill could pass the house this Monday Night!

House Bill 1726 would make it a crime to: serve sugar-sweetened beverages to children of any age; serve whole milk to children two years of age or older; serve flavored milk to any child; serve more than six ounces of juice to any child regardless of age or how long the child is cared for.

Click here to email your lawmakers and tell them that PARENTS should make decisions for their own CHILDREN, not the government.

These mandates would apply to every child in child care, without regard to each child’s health or nutritional needs, and without regard to parental wishes.

Even worse there is no excepting for the health of the child . Diabetic children could be denied juice to treat low blood sugar!!!!!!

Click here to TAKE ACTION. Contact your lawmakers tell them to vote against House Bill 1726


Dallas H. Woodhouse
State Director
Americans for Prosperity - North Carolina

SCV protests Klan's use of Confederate flag

Click here for the video

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Southern Independence Is Our Only Sane Option

North Carolina League of the South News & Information Service

Thursday, 24 June 2010

“We do not live in the past, the past lives in us”

Now on Facebook – the North Carolina League of the South

Southern Independence Is Our Only Sane Option
J. Michael Hill - LS President

The economy is in shambles and the worst is yet to come. The Gulf coast is already a disaster area, and the effects of the BP oil spill will devastate the region for decades. Perpetual war has become the standard foreign policy of the American empire. We live in a de facto police/surveillance state and it will only get worse as the regime attempts to hold on to its illicit power.

The US Constitution is a dead letter and offers us no hope.

Reforming the unreformable is out of the question. The powers-that-be control all avenues of reform. They will not allow anyone to challenge their power, wealth, and control though these avenues. They will not voluntarily stop their looting spree. They will not respond to logical argument. They will continue to abuse us until we make them stop. They understand only one thing--power.

As the great John C. Calhoun told us, only power can check power.

The greatest power we currently have is our ability to refuse to cooperate with them. We can withdraw our consent from their illicit and immoral regime. We can simply stop serving them and providing for their needs. Without our broad cooperation, they are powerless.

So why do we continue to cooperate in our own destruction? Two reasons--the prospect of gain and old-fashioned fear. It's the classic carrot and stick approach writ large. Cooperate with us and we'll take care of you. Oppose us and we'll destroy you. Is this what the Founders had in mind for their progeny?

As the regime continues to reveal its true nature, more and more people come to see it for what it really is--a monster that will devour our very life substance if we don't separate ourselves from it at once. We must convince our fellow Southerners that living in fear of or expecting gain from such a creature is sheer folly. All it deals out in the end is death and destruction.

If the South as we know it is to survive, she must free herself immediately from the current political arrangement. She has no time to waste. Her enemies--and freedom's enemies everywhere--do not rest. If her survival and future prosperity mean anything to us, we--her sons and daughters--will come to her active defense here and now with whatever means we find at hand. And let her enemies know this: we will not stop short of victory or death.

May God give us strength, wisdom, and courage to do our duty.

NC LS Fall Conference Coming in September!

Stay tuned to for details.

Display Your Support for a Sovereign North Carolina!

Show your patriotism in time for the 4th of July---and the federated system of sovereign republics it represents. The ovals are only $3 each, 4 for $10

Include $1 for S&H, and send your order to NC Ovals, POB 328, Wilmington, NC 28402 or email

League of the South’s 17th Annual National Conference

The League of the South, is proud to announce that we will be holding our 17th National Conference on the 8th and 9th of October AD 2010. The venue for our gathering will be the Atlanta Airport Hilton which is conveniently located near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. Admission for both days of the event is only $50 per individual; $75 for husband & wife; and $100 per family. We encourage everyone to pre-register now using your credit card or PayPal account.


The LS has made arrangements with the Airport Hilton to set aside a block of rooms at a reduced group rate of $99.00 per night for single and double rooms. The reduced rate rooms are offered on a first come first served bases, so we encourage you to make your reservations as soon as possible. Reservations can be made via phone by dialing 1-800-445-8667 mention to the operator you want to make reservations for the Airport Hilton in Atlanta and take advantage of the "LOS" group discount.

Information on additional accommodation choices, speakers list, and conference agenda will be posted here on DixieNet as they become available. Current subscribers to our free email newsletter will be notified of all changes via email. If you are not currently a newsletter subscriber, we encourage you to take advantage of the convenience it offers.

You can register online on

League of the South Statement of Purpose:

The League of the South seeks to advance the cultural, social, economic and political well-being and independence of the Southern people by all honorable means.

“Political independence is a complex aim that cannot begin to be accomplished without first establishing a mass base; therefore, education, recruitment, and organisation are the primary work of the LS until such time as that mass base is established. Economically, we encourage Southern self-sufficiency, debtlessness, and the purchase of Southern goods and services.

NC Big Rock Marlin Tournament $1,000,000 Winner Disqualified

Click here for the story

Constituent Update: NC Jones & Onslow Counties - 6th District

Senator Harry Brown


Jones and Onslow Counties- 6th District

521 Legislative Office Building

300 N. Salisbury Street

Raleigh, NC 27601

Phone (919)-715-3034

Fax (919)-715-7586


June 24, 2010

The legislative process this week has been quite a show. A perfect example of how the Democratic leadership bends the rules to make legislation pass was in evidence this week. The Pages got a first-hand look at how democracy should not work. On Tuesday morning we received an e-mail that had been sent the previous evening at around 11:30 PM stating that a Proposed Committee Substitute (PCS) had been drafted for an “ethics reform” bill. The bill was on the agenda for the Judiciary I committee at 10 AM on Tuesday. The bill, cleverly named “Government Ethics and Campaign Reform Act of 2010”, included a provision that allowed for voter-owned elections for the candidates running for Council of State offices of Secretary of State and Treasurer, for offices of Commissioner of Agriculture and Commissioner of Labor (in elections to be held in 2012 and thereafter) and to candidates running for the Council of State office of Attorney General in elections to be held in 2016 and thereafter. The bill received a favorable report from the Judiciary I committee Tuesday after over an hour of discussion and was then rushed through the Finance committee so the bill could be placed on the Senate calendar. The Finance chairs did not allow debate on the bill and called the meeting to adjournment before a fair vote could be called.

News Flash

Today, the Democratic leadership took the provision that allowed for voter-owned elections out of the bill. Thank you for all of your calls and e-mails letting the members of the Senate know that you don’t want to pay for these elections- you helped get this bill back to an ethics reform bill.

The ethics part of the bill still needs some work and will probably be on the floor for a vote next week.

Another hot topic of debate at the beginning of the week was House Bill 80, Ban Electronic Sweepstakes. The bill would ban the use of electronic machines and devices for sweepstakes purposes. The leadership made the vote on this bill difficult. Basically, we had to choose to either ban internet sweepstakes altogether or to allow them to continue to operate without any regulations. This left little choice on how to vote on the bill. The bill passed the Senate 47-1 on Monday night.

During this year’s May primary, six candidates who are known felons ran for election as sheriff. Wednesday, we passed a bill that will no longer allow this to happen. House Bill 1307, No Felon as Sheriff, will be sent to the Governor to be signed into law. The bill will amend our state constitution to provide that no person convicted of a felony is eligible to be elected sheriff. This bill has been introduced in several sessions, and I’m glad it’s finally going to become law.

House Bill 901, Honors Courses in Healthful Living Classes, passed the Senate today. The bill would require the State Board of Education to develop or identify academically rigorous honors-level healthful living education courses to be offered in high school. The healthful living honors courses would focus on assisting students in future careers in areas such as sports medicine, physical therapy, nutrition, and epidemiology. This is a good example of a high-level Career Tech program that I have been pushing for so long.

On Thursday, in a rare joint session with the House, we honored Coach Mike Krzyzewski and the Duke Blue Devils for winning the 2010 NCAA Division I Basketball Championship. Coach Krzyzewski gave an inspiring speech on leadership and teamwork.

I’d like to thank the White Oak River riverkeeper, Tess Sanders, and her board for visiting my office on Wednesday for Clean Water Day at the legislature. I would also like to thank Ron McElheney and the Jones/ Onslow Electric Cooperative Board for visiting on Tuesday.

As always, if there are any topics or issues that you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a great weekend!

NC LS Members

NC LS Members:

I hope these very hot June days find you all well and that you are coping with the hard economic times. It is said that hindsight is 20/20, and I can freely admit that many predicted the eventual failure of the bubble but we were too busy making money and working overtime to pay the necessary attention. If there is any silver lining to the current depression, it is that time we now have to reflect and reconsider where our lives have been going, and the waryness with which we now regard the American consumer-economy. Live on less, buy nothing you cannot pay for with cash, shop locally, patronize local farmers for food, drive less and consume less gas, put some savings into precious metals, and hopefully eliminate debt. These are easy to say, but still a goal we can all work towards as we League members secede from the Empire which has caused the distress,

On a better note, I hope all will attend the September NC LS Conference, date and location to be determined shortly. We will have as always and interesting program and ample time to address issues confronting our Chapter and the State. Please make plans to be there, and watch for updates.

Lastly, I wanted to copy all with the following message from Dr. Hill regarding the proper acronym for the League:

Compatriots: I don't know where it started, but it is now common for the League to be referred to, both internally and externally, as the "LOS."

On its face, this makes no sense. What does LOS stand for, "League of South?" If we're going to use an acronym, why not LOTS--League of the South?

It has become convenient for our detractors to use LOS against us by simply adding "ers" to the end. We should have seen that coming from a mile away.

Starting now, we need to stop using the LOS acronym. Why not simply say "the League?" Or LS if we need an abbreviated acronym?

If LOS is in your literature or on your website, change it. Let's not make it easy for our enemies.


Dr. Michael Hill, President

League of the South

North Carolina at War: The Costs of Being the 'Most Military-Friendly State in America'

'Billboards across the state declare North Carolina's motto: "Most military-friendly state." North Carolina has long been hospitable to the nation's [sic] armed forces, serving as the headquarters of key military bases and the home of many soldiers, deeply influencing the politics, economics and culture of the state.'

Monday, June 21, 2010

Seceding From the Empire (part 1)

This video features a talk by Mike Tuggle for the North Carolina League of the South (LS). Mr Tuggle is a Board Member of the LS.

The New and Old North Carolina State Flags

'The design provided by William Jarl Browne and adopted by the Convention was described as having a red field with two bars making up the fly; the top one blue and the bottom bar white. Centered on the red field was a white five pointed star. Above the star, in a semi-circular mold, was the date May 20, 1775 representing the much questioned "Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence." Below the star was the date, May 20, 1861 representing the date of North Carolina's secession from the union.

This flag was carried by the North Carolina Regiments, along with the Confederate colors, throughout the Civil War [sic].

After the war, North Carolina, like other secession states, adopted a revised design for their state flag. In March of 1885, a bill introduced by General Johnstone Jones was passed and the design of the North Carolina State Flag changed for the last time.'