Friday, June 23, 2017

Trump attorney Marc Kasowitz to file James Comey complaint early as next week

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President Trump's legal team plans to file its complaint against former FBI Director James Comey with the Justice Department inspector general and the Senate Judiciary Committee as early as next week.

A source close to Trump outside counsel Marc Kasowitz's team said they are "looking toward next week" to file the complaint. Lawyers are working to make sure the submissions are "thorough and complete," the source told the Washington Examiner on Friday.

Trump's legal team began planning to file a complaint against Comey after his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this month.

Voters grow weary of Russia probes

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A majority of voters believe the Russia investigations are damaging to the country and are eager to see Congress shift its focus to healthcare, terrorism, national security, the economy and jobs.

Those are the findings of the latest Harvard-Harris Poll survey, provided exclusively to The Hill, which paints a complicated picture of voters’ opinions about the numerous probes that have engulfed the White House.

Sixty-four percent of voters said the investigations into President Trump and Russia are hurting the country. Fifty-six percent of voters said it’s time for Congress and the media to move on to other issues, compared to 44 percent who said the focus should stay on Russia.

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Being Hated By Mainstream Media is the Best Career Boost You Can Get

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Got a flagging career that’s in need of a turbo boost?

From the leader of the UK’s Labour Party to the most-hated of far-right provocateurs in America, it seems there’s a failsafe route to success.

These days, there’s no quicker way to fame, fortune and public notoriety than for the MSM to declare war on you.

Not only are the days when tabloid front pages and prime-time news slots were kingmakers gone, now the public is increasingly doing the precise opposite to what the media tells it.

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Rand Paul: Lasik surgery shows health prices fall when consumers can shop

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Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said Friday that one key element that needs to be included in the Senate healthcare bill is a connection between consumers and healthcare providers.

Paul is one of four Republicans who have said he can't support the bill, in part because it doesn't do enough to lower prices for consumers.

He also said the way people shop for Lasik eye surgery is a good example of how prices can drop when consumers are more involved.

"The reason capitalism doesn't work in healthcare is the consumer is disconnected from the product," Paul said on MSNBC. "Consumers do not make decisions based on price in healthcare, except for a few exceptions."

"Lasik surgery, when you want to get surgery to get rid of glasses, everybody asks the price," said Paul, an eye surgeon. "The average consumer calls four different doctors. It's a very sophisticated laser, million dollar laser, and yet the price has gone down by three-quarters over 15 years."

Vision for VA: Fewer maternity services and cancer docs, more private care options

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Future Veterans Affairs clinics could feature fewer maternity services, fewer cancer specialists and more reliance on private-sector clinics for routine or non-military care, under Secretary David Shulkin’s vision for the department.  

But he insists that doesn’t amount to privatization of VA’s responsibilities.

“I am interested in building world-class services in things I know the veterans of this country must rely upon us for,” he told reporters at a roundtable event Tuesday morning. “I’m not interested in building world-class services that already exist.”

“We don’t have enough resources to do everything. So let’s build an integrated system that relies on what already exists in the private sector with what needs to be enhanced in the VA.”

For months, Shulkin and top congressional Republicans have insisted that criticisms their plans would “privatize” VA services are unfounded, and that the $180 billion-plus department will not be slowly dismantled in favor of commercial medical options.

Trump suggests his 'tapes' tweet may have changed Comey's public story

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President Trump suggested his May tweet warning former FBI Director James Comey about possible "tapes" of their one-on-one conversations may have kept the terminated intelligence official from making up information about their encounters, according to a Fox News interview that aired Friday.

"But when he found out that I, you know, that there may be tapes out there, whether it's governmental tapes or anything else, and who knows, I think his story may have changed," Trump told Fox News.

"I mean, you'll have to take a look at that because then he has to tell what actually took place at the events," Trump added. "And my story didn't change. My story was always a straight story. My story was always the truth, but you'll have to determine for yourself whether or not his story changed."

Everything You’re Not Being Told About the US War Against ISIS in Syria

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It’s time to have a sane discussion regarding what is going on in Syria. Things have escalated exponentially over the past month or so, and they continue to escalate. The U.S. just shot down yet another Iranian-made drone within Syrian territory on Tuesday, even as authorities insist they “do not seek conflict with any party in Syria other than ISIS.”
Col. Ryan Dillon, chief U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad, seemed to indicate that the coalition would avoid escalating the conflict following Russia’s warning that it will now treat American aircraft as potential targets. He stated:

“As a result of recent encounters involving pro-Syrian regime and Russian forces, we have taken prudent measures to reposition aircraft over Syria so as to continue targeting ISIS forces while ensuring the safety of our aircrews given known threats in the battlespace.”
So what is really going on in Syria? Is the U.S. actually seeking an all-out confrontation with Syria, Iran, and Russia.

The first thing to note is that a policy switch under the Trump administration has seen the U.S. rely heavily on Kurdish fighters on the ground as opposed to the radical Gulf-state backed Islamist rebels, which the U.S. and its allies had been using in their proxy war for over half a decade.

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Trump: 'Very sad for Republicans' if Nancy Pelosi stepped down

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President Trump wants House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to in her Democratic leadership post because she is good for Republican politics, he said in a Fox News interview that aired Friday morning.

"I hope she doesn't step down. I think that it would be a very, very sad for Republicans if she steps down. I'd be very, very disappointed if she did. I'd like to keep her right where she is because our record is extraordinary against her," Trump told Fox.

US gun laws: Colorado to arm teachers in classrooms

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A man shoots at a target at a shooting range during a class to qualify for a concealed carry permit, 14 February 2014

Teachers are being trained to carry guns in classrooms in Colorado in order to protect children as part of a scheme motivated by a school massacre in 2012.

The three-day course, which consists of firearms and medical training, was launched on Tuesday in Weld County.

Seventeen members of staff who "would like to be considered armed first responders" have so far taken part.

The pilot programme will allow volunteers to enter schools with guns under US "concealed carry" laws.

Teachers were taken to a shooting range in Weld County, near Denver, where they were tested on their abilities with weapons.

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‘Angry black woman’ flips out when she spots ‘General Lee’ car at festival, event officials instantly cave


A Toronto woman went into a fit of rage after she spotted a Confederate Battle Flag covered car at a local festival.

The woman, Ybia Anderson, posted a video of herself confronting a man who brought his “Dukes of Hazzard” inspired “General Lee” replica car to the 32nd annual Highland Creek Heritage Festival on Saturday, City News Toronto reported.

Anderson was “triggered” to find the flag covered car in her sight.

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